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Pazifik - Leipzig
Meita Meilita

Born 1992 in Bogor.
She is an embroidery artist who applies her art form to various types of presentation, including installation art and participatory art. 

Meita Meilita© Meita Meilita

Meita Meilita

Meita Meilita uses intimacy and honesty as self-control in relating her experiences in the art of embroidery.

She is currently in the Fine Arts master’s degree program at the Bandung Institute of Technology, Indonesia.

Meita Meilita have had a strong bond to the creation of works through embroidery techniques since 2015. Her creations are nearly always associated with domestic work and women. She interprets the domestic issues into her personal experience as a child, wife, and mother in the family—the smallest social sphere in society. Menyulam Kenangan (2015) is the starting point for conveying her anxiety about the structure and role of the family. The context of “broken home” runs through the memory of family members, six mothers who were embroidered and assembled in a house representing a child’s hope of family unity. Menyulam Kenangan will continue to develop into other forms and ideas related to her self-view as a woman vis-à-vis family.

  • Bu, us..uss... © Meita Meilita
  • Cicak © Meita Meilita
  • Bu, mau susu gak © Meita Meilita
  • Menyulam Kenangan detail view © Meita Meilita
  • Menyulam Kenangan instalation view © Meita Meilita
  • Tahap demi tahap © Meita Meilita