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Pazifik - Leipzig
Theo Nugraha

(*1992, Samarinda)
has been a renowned sound artist of the Indonesian experimental sound scene since 2013.

Theo Nugraha Self Portrait© Dhuha Ramadhani

Theo Nugraha

Theo Nugraha works focuses on exploration and findings from sound, body, visual experimentation and collaborative work across disciplines. When we talk about sound, we can see how the duration, appearance, motion, light and events work in a composition. Sound contains a diversity of complex elements, which are particularly apparent in the variety of sound discourses in Indonesia due to the different cultures and traditions on each island.
Theo Nugraha is interested in revisiting the relationship between the management of sound work in an area and how sounds are interpreted in soundscape practice. Soundscapes enable recognition of sounds and the culture contained in the area.

  • 1-Plague © Theo Nugraha
  • 2_Movement © Theo Nugraha
  • 3-Mahakam Graphic Score © Theo Nugraha
  • 4-Mahakam Graphic Score Symbols © Theo Nugraha
  • 5-Berhias (Dress Up) © Theo Nugraha