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Pacific - Leipzig
Wunna Aung

(*1978, Yangon)

Wunna Aung 500© Private

Wunna Aung

Creativity for Wunna is an act of crossing aesthetic and cultural frontiers and genres. His multifaceted oeuvre has consistently shown his ability to trespass boundaries, notably by crisscrossing the ancient culture of Myanmar with his iconic Pop paintings. An examination of such a concept leads fairly directly to the relationship between contemporary art and material culture. As much as Wunna is engrossed in popular culture, he is equally fascinated by personalities that have shaped Myanmar’s history – both by their symbolic nature and their vestiges of human existence. The dynamics of such representations lie in the paintings’ potential, where his working process is more like a painted collage.

Instead of incorporating external elements into the picture, he creates layers for visual textures. A member of ROAR (Release of Artistic Rage) group, Wunna Aung is a regular participant in urban art activities in Yangon. Amongst notable exhibitions he has recently participated in are: Art + Plug Season One to Eight (2013-20) Exhibitions, Rendezvous II: South East Asia Urban Art Event (2013), and Un Leashed (Myanm/art) (2017), R0c And Roll (Myanm/art)(2016), Myanmar New Wave Pop Art Revisited (Intersection Gallery Singapore)(2017), Playing Time and Space (Intersection Gallery, Singapore)(2019), S.E.A. Focus 2019 (Singapore) and All Too Human (Myanm/art) (2022).

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