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Pacific - Leipzig
Yim Yen Sum

(*1987, Malaysia)

Yim Yen Sum 500© Private

Yim Yen Sum

Yim Yen Sum received a diploma in Fine Art from Dasein Academy of Art (2008), where she began her practice of stitching together her work. She predominantly works with textiles when creating her ever-evolving installations and explores the concepts of relationships and interconnectivity, between us as a society, our practices and interactions with our environment. Her work often invites the audience to consider their own connections with those within their vicinity, and through viewing and interacting with her pieces, aims to build new relationships. Yen Sum’s works reflect hours of incredibly delicate needlework, worked through units of gauze that has undergone a process of manipulation, including screen printing and appliqué. She repeats the process accumulating units, like building blocks, and stitching them together until satisfied with the end result, a finality that Yen Sum is often hesitant to declare she’s reached, as each piece she creates has the ultimate ability to evolve and change with time and space.