Till Ansgar Baumhauer
From Dresden to Hanoi as “Artist in Residence”

Till Ansgar Baumhauer is the new artist- in-residence from Sachsen. He will live and work in Hanoi from September to November 2019. For more than 20 years, the post-doctoral researcher and artist has focused on the relationship between violence and its aestheticization and visualization. What traces do historical events leave behind in the narratives and images of everyday culture? How are societies influenced by war experiences? How does war experience affect the peace-time? How does the history of a country and its people influence their perception of recent warlike events?

The artist's residence in Hanoi enables Baumhauer to move freely through Vietnam's art scene for three months, visit museums, locate collectors of artefacts, and focus on the artistic realization of his discoveries and insights. In addition, as a teacher at the art academies in Hanoi and Hue, he will give workshops, but also make contacts with the dense network of artists.

For Baumhauer- like for many Germans - Vietnam has a special significance. Baumhauer's interest goes beyond art. He also focuses on cultural techniques. Especially the liberating history of the country has phenomena which Baumhauer would like to pursue. It can be about how the memory of the war is processed, how it is talked about or artistically worked. How are the commemorative life and how commemorative cultures are intertwined, and what can be deduced from their nature? Vietnam's proud history enriches Baumhauer's quest and paves the way for discoveries and artistic work beyond cultural boundaries.

Till Ansgar Baumhauer © Till Ansgar Baumhauer Dr. Till Ansgar Baumhauer (Ph.D.), born in 1972, lives as a freelance artist, curator and publicist in Dresden. After completing a degree in Painting and Fine Arts, he received his doctorate at the Bauhaus University Weimar in 2015. The multiple art award winner intensively deals with visual forms of representation of violent events.