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Opencall Happy at home© Goethe-Institut Hanoi

Happy @ Home ?
Lai Hien Luong

Lai Hien Luong © Lai Hien Luong Luonghebi (*1989) is illustrator and graphic designer. She has enjoyed drawing since her childhood, but never dreamed of becoming a professional artist. Somehow, Hebi always had the opportunity to come into contact with art, and the illustration work came naturally. She has chosen not to be deeply involved in the artist world because she also likes to wander in many other aspects of life to bring personal experiences and emotions into each painting. She has participated in several workshops and competitions organized by Kim Dong Publishing, drewillustrations for many units.

Concept of her work

When the country and the whole world are working hard to fight the Covid epidemic, faith and optimism are more necessary than ever.

LaiHienLuong Werk © Goethe-Institut Hanoi 2 hearts with the yellowish main tone, the sun tone, the happiness and vitality in contrast to the outside, the dark purple tone. The two characters in the picture are inspired by some of my friends and include a part of me.

In the two sunny hearts there is a couple in two different living rooms, but there are things that, if you look closely, you can find the same thing (the same type of speakers, the same drinking water ...). Similarities in their interests and habits. The guy is F2 so he quarantines himself (buys lots of toilet paper) and chats with the girl. They both work together and enjoy their own space very comfortably, the girl wears sleeping clothes while drawing, the boy is half naked and enjoying his pasta. Thanks to the internet, the days at home are less boring and the feeling of being apart from people isn't that bad either.

Outside of this room “the corona flower season is still blooming"

The threat from the virus is still not reduced, but people still have to live and work as each day goes on.