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Opencall Happy at home© Goethe-Institut Hanoi

Happy @ Home ?
Ngo Ngoc My

Ngo Ngoc My © Ngo Ngoc My Ngo Ngoc My (*2000) is a student at Hanoi Industrial Fine Arts University and still on her path to personal development through artistic travel.
Her love for painting was from a young age and was influenced by western popular culture through music and films. In addition to studying, she likes to approach art through her own experiences and brings true inner emotions to her personal works.

Concept of her work

With a short story, My wanted to describe the feelings of people who couldn't be with their loved ones because of the epidemic, and the only way to communicate with each other was through the internet.

Ngo Ngoc My Slideshow © Goethe-Institut Hanoi According to her, the biggest misunderstanding in relationships, between parents and children, lovers or friends, is due to the difficulty of communication. Also, the current situation prevents us all from being able to connect directly. The internet suddenly became the only thread that connects people's fragile emotions so that we can talk, understand each other and hope that we will meet again one day.