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Interview with Tran Ly Ly

What is your view on the outcome of the Dance & Music Camp?

Tran Ly Ly: I am very satisfied with this outcome and the performances we saw. The last part for example, in some practice sections they did it so much better, created a lot of space for the imagination of audience and made them focus naturally rather than deliberately into the performance, it needs a multi-dimensional language. To do that is not an easy task.
During the rehearsals there were many impressive moments. Since calling them moments, they were almost impossible to be re-enacted. In order to recall them and create something relatively stable to be able to perform on the stage, the process from excited to depressed then excited and depressed again was like a sinusoidal curve, repeated for many times until the artists found their initial emotion in a structure which everyone thought was reasonable. It was a great experience and a very interesting process.

How did you come up with idea of this project?

Tran Ly Ly: Pursuing contemporary theater is a difficult road and not every artist has enough talent or passion to walk on until the end. Goethe Institute and I share the same ideas and aim to do something different. I have taken part in the Europe and Asia Meet in Contemporary Dance for many times. The show is not continued this year. It must be replaced by something new to represent the new elements.
This is the first project I thought about doing something for the artists and their creative use of a space. For most people, working with Heiner Goebbels in particular was a very new way of working. Also, there is hardly a similar playground and opportunity in Vietnam. Maybe the musicians are improvising together in a group, and dancers do, but musicians and dancers together along one method of thinking, this was a new thing. To form such program, protect it through many steps, to get it funded, was no easy process.
Is there a plan to continue from this workshop?

Tran Ly Ly: After this workshop, once a month, VNOB will provide artists with a space for them to meet and exchange ideas and play with each other. Besides, there will be experts and friends in the field who will get involved and give their thought, feeling, emotions, comments to help the artists improve their works. Potential artists participating in this workshop will continue being supported in further developing their works and bringing them to dance festivals around the world.