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Electronic musician
Interview mit Tam Pham

Tam Pham
© Tam Pham

What was the outcome of this camp for you?

Tam Pham: During the first week we did improvisation. That was not much new in itself. But I interacted with the others. I developed my attention for the others as well as my own music.
In the second week we built our ideas. Heiner gave us many hints and suggestions. That helped us a lot to develop our ideas. He was all about the interplay of everything on stage, performers, music, the light, props - how each interacts with with each other.

For Heiner it was important that all this comes into a balance. That not only one thing is important, but that the interplay of things is important. We have learned that.I have learned a lot. That was wonderful.

I would also like to thank the Goethe-Institut for that camp. In Vietnam, there are not many opportunities as this project has made possible. Such a good stage and the opportunity to work with other artists is really missing. This camp gave us a lot.

I hope that after the project the cooperation between us will not stop and we can continue to develop ideas.