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What is “my Vietnam”?

A project about Vietnamese identities across borders.
A cooperation of the Goethe-Institut Vietnam & the literary online magazine Zzz Review.

Four second-generation Vietnamese writers from the Czech Republic, Germany, France and the US, and five young authors from the North and the South of Vietnam write short plays of five minutes length on what Vietnam means to them. Each piece draws upon personal experience and questions of cultural identity.

Each piece will be performed in a non-theater-space that will be AV-recorded. The plays will be performed and filmed in the language of the respective writers. Each audio-visual recording will be subtitled in English, Vietnamese and German and placed online onto the project-landing page of the Goethe-Institut. This creates a basis for an important cultural dialogue across boundaries.

This fundraising serves to finance the five plays by the Vietnamese authors. The four productions from Germany, France, the Czech Republic and the USA are financially secure.


Talk with authors

HAN Mein Vietnam 15-minütigen Podcasts 7360x3200 © Goethe-Institut Hanoi

15-minute podcasts

We would like to offer the interested public a series of 09 15-minute podcasts where you can have a chance to get to know more about the young authors of our project and their contribution for MY VIETNAM this year.

A brief about five plays

Five Vietnamese Authors

Vietnamese literature from the diaspora

Support through Crowdfunding

The crowdfunding did not meet its target. Money will be returned to the donors. If you like to continue your support of this project, please turn to: thiloan.le@goethe.de. German taxpayers can receive a tax rebate in their tax income declaration for donations to Goethe-Institut e.V.


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The Goethe-Institut is the Federal Republic of Germany’s cultural institute, active worldwide. It promotes the study of German abroad and encourages international cultural exchange.

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Zzz Review is an independent non-profit online literary review. Since its inaugural issue in July 2018, Zzz Review has acquired a solid reputation as a trustworthy platform for up-to-date, informed and thoughtful perspectives about national and world literature for the globally-minded Vietnamese reader.

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