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Land of Leisure© Le Phi Long

Artist Profile
Lê Phi Long

  • I took a deep breath and sleep under in Vinh Tuy bridge_Le Phi Long © Le Phi Long
  • Green People and City © Le Phi Long
  • Formosa Project © Le Phi Long
  • vọoc Cát Bà © Le Phi Long
  • Sketchbook no 2 © Le Phi Long
  • HIC DOMUS EST DEI © Le Phi Long

Le Phi Long © Le Phi Long Lê Phi Long (born 1988) is one of Vietnams most important contemporary artists. He’s currently based in Da Lat and plays a crucial role in the local cultural scene. Long has participated in a wide range of exhibitions in the US and UK. Additionally he participated in residency programmes in Vietnam, Taiwan as well as Korea and therefore he has also been able to establish an international reputation for himself.

Lê Phi Long’s practices include paintings, site-specific art, photography and conceptual art. In terms of content he focuses on historical and geographical topics. Although he incorporates various artistic practices, his work convinces through a strong visual and content-related overall concept. His investigative approach and his strong interest in nature are reflected in his overall work and especially in his detailed nature drawings.