Vietnamese Authors

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Du Nguyen

Du Nguyen was born in 198x, and is currently living in Saigon. She is the author of two poetry collections in Vietnamese, Mục: Xó xỉnh. Cười // Mục: Corners. Laughter (2011) and Khúc lêu hêu mùa hè//Rambling Song of Summer (2014). To her, poetry is a mental movement, intimate to herself and her surrounding world.

I let the sound fly away
through the dark
april, hoarse with red dreams
the day mom cut the cord | like the most absurd  separation
the first menstrual cycle | perchance
april, april, I sit here with | I'm flying away
like that, I fly away
in a different version
april never ceases to be honest
spreads from month-start to month-end
my voice, my hair color, my eyes, my two hands, my me, not anyone's me: is burning, is being defined by strangers' dream
while flying away
I disappear
I remain a
among a plethora of other sounds
april, hair falls over childhood
the cord-cutting day, the first menstrual cycle, the fright
I died once
that april
even one more death
cannot let me forget.