Pazifik-Leipzig_LIA_with_logos © Goethe-Institut

Pazifik - Leipzig

In collaboration with LIA (Leipzig International Art Programme) the Goethe-Institute offers artists from Southeast Asia a three-month residency at the Art and Culture Centre Leipziger Baumwollspinnerei.

Manzi exhibition space © Le Phi Long

New space for Art
Manzi Exhibition Space

In cooperation with the Manzi and supported the Goethe-Institut Hanoi, we have created Manzi Exhibition Space - a new space for Vietnamese artists to freely pursue and develop their art.

Weiße Kugeln © Franca Bartholomaei

The girl K

In appreciation of various translations and in reverence for the poet Nguyen Du, the Goethe-Institut focuses its attention on this literary work and raises the question of its contemporary interpretation and - closely related to it - the question of today’s role and image of women in Vietnam.

New music 2019 © Goethe-Institut Hanoi

Literature tandem

In Vietnam, New Music has gained considerable importance in the cultural. Vietnamese composers and musicians perform new music for national and international audiences.

Snežana Golubović & Le Brothers Photo: Hoang Anh

Art in public space
Artist residence Hue

Snežana Golubović is performance artist from Frankfurt/Main. She Serbian national (former Yugoslavia) and has lived in Germany since 1992. In July, she was a guest at the Le Brothers in Hue. 

Calm Realities by Nhung Nguyen & Christian Grothe © Manzi

Public art project

"Into Thin Air" is a long-term public art project, initiated and curated by Manzi Art Space with a view to building awareness and appreciation for art – particularly contemporary art – among the public to help artists develop independent practices whilst encouraging their involvement in social development within the current context of Vietnam.

Stock Bild von 'bekanntmachung, einmal, fiktion' © Colourbox

Short Stories from VietNam for German Readers

In autumn 2017, the Goethe-Institut Hanoi invited writers in Vietnam to submit short stories which would give German readers an impression of life in Vietnam today.

Playgrounds for Kids, Hanoi Photo: Wilfried Eckstein © Goethe-Institut Hanoi

Interview with Bianca Elgas
Playgrounds for Kids, Hanoi

The Goethe Institute Vietnam, in cooperation with the Institut Français Hanoi and the Vietnam non-profit Think Playground, is running a publicity campaign to advocate for more public playground spaces.

Interview with Goebbels © Goethe-Institut Hanoi

Dance & music camp with H. Goebbels

Heiner Goebbels spent two weeks in Hanoi to conduct a dance & music camp for Vietnamese artists. He had selected participants from a pool of applicants, emphasizing a balanced relationship between men and women as well as dancers and musicians, and assembling a promising mix of mutually inspiring and open-minded individuals. 

Berufsperspektive Deutschland Teaserfoto Duc Ngo Ngoc © Goethe-Institut Hanoi

A Portrait of Young Vietnamese

More and more young Vietnamese want to live and work in Germany.
We present five who have realized their dream.