Soundwalk After Clean-up, Slight Return

After clean-up, slight return by Cao Lan & Gregor Siedl
© Manzi

A Soundwalk by Cao Thanh Lan and Gregor Siedl
Mai Dịch Living Quarter, Cầu Giấy District

Mai Dịch is a fast-changing neighbourhood. Unlike many other neighbourhoods in Hanoi, it has an unusually high concentration of artists from different genres – ranging from traditional music to military music, from folk art to stage drama and the circus.
Once a green suburb of Hanoi, where paddle and flower fields and lots of tree were common, urbanisation has brought traffic noise drowning out the sounds of birds, insects, and the wind in the trees. In addition after the “clean-up” organised by state-run institutes located in the neighbourhood, street-vendors and sidewalk-barbers had to disappear. Their work and workplace were thus taken away from them, after having spent 30 years of their life at this corner and being an indispensable part of the neighbourhood’s life.
This artwork is a homage to those who once worked here and the long lost nature. It’s a whimsical audio collage with dispersed superimposition of elements including sounds of people practicing and performing “tuồng”, “nhạc đỏ”, “xiếc” and “chèo”, the usual traffic noise as well as sounds of nature.

Cao Thanh Lan

Cao Lan is a versatile musician, she was trained as a classical contemporary music pianist (by Pierre-Laurent Aimard) in Cologne’s and in Brussels’ Conservatories, but finds her main interest in sound. She has been experimenting with analogue synthesizer, amplified objects, prepared marxophone, daxophone and low-tech electronics.

As a guest pianist of the Kammerensemble Neue Musik Berlin (KNM Ensemble), Lan has performed at Ultraschall Festival, Musica Electronica Nova Wroclaw and the Galeriewanderung Berlin. She has also earned a wide range of ensemble experience in prestigious festivals throughout the world. She is also active as an experimental sound artist, and composer in many different projects, notably the electro-acoustic Duo (Parallel Asteroid and Zicla projects) and in collaboration with Gregor Siedl, she has been touring and giving workshops for contemporary music and improvisation in Europe, Japan, Brazil, China, Taiwan, Argentina, Uruguay, Chile, Finland, Australia and Vietnam.

Gregor Siedl

Gregor Siedl was born in Vienna, Austria. He is deeply engaged in the field of experimental and improvised music. Through his explorations of extended techniques, preparations on the saxophone, clarinet and the use of extra-musical instruments such as game-calls and water, he has developed a unique voice in music.

Gregor won first prizes as best improviser at the international music competitions XL-Jazz and Gent Jazz festival. He has been involved in experimental music, jazz and multi-disciplinary projects with performers, visual artists and artificial intelligence.

He is a band-member of Junk Orbit, Duo Siedl/Cao with 2 projects, Zicla, Parallel Asteroid, DOKO, Auralisation Ensemble, Osmosis Project and the critically acclaimed European-Saxophone-Ensemble.
Gregor has performed all over Europe, Asia and South-America at international music festivals and concert venues, such as: Festival Ankunft Neue Musik Berlin, Festival Internacional de Musica Experimental Sao Paulo, Jazz D`Or Strasbourg, HdKW Berlin and the Belgrade Jazz Festival.