Interactive exhibition Get in Touch with Mathematics

Mathematics – an abstract science? Far wrong! Over 5.000 visitors explored even the most complex mathematic phenomena by solving puzzles, unraveling riddles and doing playful experiments at the interactive exhibition Get in Touch with Mathematics shown from March 26 until April 12, 2014 in the context of the project Schools: Partners for the Future at Goethe-Institute Hanoi. At the opening, Prof. Dr. Hoang Xuan Phu from the Vietnamese Academy of Science and Technology (VAST) gave an enthusiastic introduction into the world of mathematics.
The exhibition Get in Touch with Mathematics displayed an exciting selection of the most appreciated experiments from the first interactive mathematics museum worldwide, the Mathematikum in Giessen. All exhibits banked on a playful approach to mathematics – one that is hands on. Visitors of all ages and all educational backgrounds could experiment: They solved puzzles, built a Leonardo-bridge without tools and screws, scratched their heads while unraveling riddles, watched a sphere race, let wonderful soap bubbles come into being and recognized: Maths doesn’t have to be abstract, it is fun.
One aim of the exhibition was to arouse interest for the so-called MINT-Subjects (Mathematics – Informatics – Natural Sciences – Technology). Therefore, we were especially delighted that more than fifty school classes visited the exhibition. In total 1.500 pupils of primary, secondary and high schools were welcomed not only with playful explorations and mental problem solving, but also with exciting competitions and great gifts. Many thanks to the dedicated volunteers from the Asia-Pacific wide learning network Live & Learn.
Financed by the funds of the German Federal Foreign Office this popular exhibition travels to the Goethe-Institutes of the world, before coming to Hanoi the exhibition was in Karachi (Pakistan) and continued on its way to Bangkok (Thailand).