Experience report from My

IDO 2016
© Martin Christopher Welker

My first week in Berlin has passed by so quickly. I only have five more days left during which I will try to engage with different people as much as possible. 

The IDO superintendent has told us that we are all winners already, as the motto is “Participation is everything!”. It is not a competition, where you constantly fight against each other or take it dead seriously. We are having the best time together. I find it great that I can always learn new interesting things from the other participants. “Participation is everything!” Yes, that really is correct.
Of course, we also have to concentrate on the competition, in order to be able to give our very best. We visited some workshops (creative writing, presentation and theater) the first couple of days, which I found really cool. We could therefore prepare much better for the competition, whose first part started with a wall paper. Afterwards we received a subject for each level of difficulty and held presentations about each of these subjects. We are already finished with presenting now and tomorrow begins the last part, the “quiz”.

IDO 2016 - 2 © Martin Christopher Welker Last Sunday, we took a field trip to Potsdam, a city which I enjoyed quite a lot. Many old buildings and castles are to be found there, set in a quiet atmosphere. I have also visited the famous castle Sanssouci.
It is fascinating that I could already detect differences between Vietnam and Germany since my first few days. All together, I adore everything here.

IDO 2016 - 3 © Martin Christopher Welker I will fly back to Vietnam soon. This year, I will really be sad to say goodbye and to go back home as I am sure that my time in Berlin will turn out to be one of the best memories of my life. But compared to last year in Dresden I am also more certain that I will definitely return to Germany soon to start university here. I am furthermore extremely happy that I got the opportunity to participate at such an incredible competition, the IDO. Therefore I would like shout out a huge thank you to Kristin, my dear Pasch supervisor in Vietnam, Mai Phuong, my sweet teacher companion and also Clara, my best German friend. They all helped me a lot. Thank you very much also to the IDO team here in Berlin and to all the people who have always supported me. Thank you!
Best regards from Berlin!
July 27th, 2016