Tender-Bitter Photo: Nguyen Thanh Huong © Goethe-Institut Hanoi

Für eine gelungene Integration braucht man mehr als die reine Sprachkompetenz. Es ist von großer Bedeutung, dass Zuwander*innen frühzeitig die Geschichte, Kultur und Werte des Ziellandes kennenlernen. Je mehr man über das Zielland weißt, desto höher ist die Chance, sich in der neuen Gesellschaft zurechtzufinden. Aus diesem Grund hat das Goethe-Institut einige Materialien aus den Vorintegrationsangeboten entwickelt und hofft, dass diese für die Zuwander*innen hilfreich sind.


In 2017, the Goethe Institute Hanoi held a competition entitled “Tender-Bitter”, calling for submissions by Vietnamese migrants to Germany sharing their first-hand experience of the country. In their linguistic and temporal diversity, the nineteen submissions fill the idea of interculturality with life, German history and German-Vietnamese stories. They are true real-life experiences, often touching, rich and diverse in their complexity, encouraging readers to reflect on what makes us call a place home.

A guide for Vietnamese immigrants
All clear in Germany

A book published by the Goethe-Institut Hanoi offers a lot of useful information for everyday life and gives you a good idea about life in Germany.
Here you will find the book in German and Vietnamese. Enjoy!

All clear in Germany (German)

A booklet as start help
A brief introduction to everyday hospital routines in Germany

Issued by the Goethe Institute, the booklet is a linguistic introduction to German hospital life for healthcare professionals and nurses that provides answers to commonly asked questions. 
Here you will find the book in German language.

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