Online Courses
A1.1 - B1.2

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Online Intensive courses
Duration 12 weeks
Min. Age 16+
Hours of study pro week 10 hours
  • You will practise reading, writing, listening and speaking on our state-of-the art learning platform and will receive instant feedback for each exercise. Your tutor will be available throughout your course, will give you regular feedback on your writing assignments and speech recordings, will correct your pronunciation and answer your questions.
  • You will not be alone but study with a group. You will be in touch with your classmates daily by chat or video conference and will complete interactive online group exercises together.
  • You will be studying with up-to-date study materials developed by the Goethe-Institut in Germany and will be perfectly prepared for the Goethe-exams.
Live-Sessions per week 3 x 45 minutes
  • You will re-inforce your language skills and practise your speaking skills in our online-live sessions.
  • Your teacher will go through your weekly study schedule, explain the exercises and learnings goals, so that you know what to do each step of your way.
  • You will receive information about life, study and work opportunities in Germany.
  • We will answer your questions about the Goethe-exams and will give advice how to prepare for them.
Technical requirements
  • PC, tablet or smartphone
  • Headset
  • Stable internet connection, preferably WIFI, especially for online live sessions
Language levels A1.1; A1.2; A2.1; A2.2; B1.1; B1.2
Group size 8 - 20 pers.
Price VND 5.000.000,-
Enrollment test for Online Extensive Plus