Vietnamese graduates at the ceremony © Goethe-Institut Hanoi

Getting higher qualified and work in the field of nursing in Germany – a program for young Vietnamese with a nursing background, backed by official German and Vietnamese government organisations and supported by the Goethe-Institut Vietnam.

Those Vietnamese graduated from a 3 years nursing college not older than 25 years, healthy and with a high intrinsic motivation, those willing to undergo in the city of Hanoi a challenging additional German language training of 13 months duration up to B2 level provided by the Goethe-Institut, additionally willing to follow up with a challenging 3 years vocational training at first class institutions in Germany  - a training you are being paid for - those who are matching these criteria are invited to submit their applications until June 15, 2018. Temporary certificates are accepted for those who don't have their final school certificate yet. 

Starting in September 2018, the Goethe-Institut will be conducting a new 13-month course for carers looking for Germany. Linguistic and cultural preparation will take place at two locations: Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. The call for application will be issued by an organization of the Vietnamese Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs (MoLISA). Cooperation partner on the German side is VIVANTES in Berlin. Vivantes has 9 hospitals, 13 nursing homes, 2 retirement homes, outpatient rehabilitation, medical care centers, outpatient nursing, a hospice, and catering, cleaning and laundry subsidiaries.

Principles of fairness for the placement of nurses to Germany

In 2013 a batch of 100 young Vietnamese had been trained for the first time for a vocational training in Germany – this project had been initialized and financially supported by the German Federal Ministry of Economics .
The first batch of students have completed their vocational training   in the field of  elderly care -  officially approved and  certified -  in the month of October 2015. 2014-2016 the second batch has been prepared at time being they are undergoing a three years training.
One more batch of students is being prepared at time being for a vocational training at an institution for elderly care run by the Berlin based Vivantes Company.
Facing the problem of lacking work force due to the demographic changes the German Federal Ministry of Economics has recently launched one more program focused on the training of nurses who shall be qualified to work in hospitals and as well in homes for elderly care run by top standard institutions in Germany.
To work efficiently and successfully in Germany an excellent training is an essential, to pass the respective exams successfully an excellent proficiency in German is an essential as well.  In a 13 month sequence of super intensive German language classes the Goethe-Institut Hanoi prepares the participants to successfully pass the Start Deutsch 2 , the B1 level and the B2 exams.
The participants live in a boarding house in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City–in the mornings and afternoon sessions they follow very intensively the German classes. Beginning at the very first lesson German is used, high qualified faculty members teach supported by teaching material dedicated to develop communication skills, IQ boards , WiFi and iPads are an essential part of the learning environment.
The participants are getting prepared to live and work in Germany, intercultural training and job related vocabulary and skills are part of the program. Additionally sports, movies, interactive come-togethers, gaming and music are part of the program. But only those participants are successful who are dedicated to their studies with their full and entire energy.
If you are willing to face these challenges and you match the conditions mentioned you should instantly apply. The deadline to submit your application is June 15, 2018. More details you can find here: 


How do I pass the B2 exam?
A necessary condition for any training in the field of nursing is excellent knowledge of German. The B2 level certifies that you are very good in German. You will not gain this knowledge by taking a special exam course which makes you memorize texts and answers. For your job in Germany and for the vocational school in Germany you should be able to hear speak write read German. This is simply because you will work together with other German speaker in Germany. Your will sit with them in one classroom at the vocational school. Our teachers at the Goethe-Institut will prepare you thoroughly for life, work and learning in Germany. Language teaching at the Goethe-Institut is communicative and action-oriented. You will learn how to master different situations at work school and life. Our lessons are built around such situations. Our courses will make you feel comfortable acting in German. We want you to feel secure in speaking and acting in German with Germans in Germany.

In Vietnam, besides the Goethe-Institut, there are other language schools which prepare young adults for their stay in Germany. Please make sure that you do not only prepare yourself mechanically by memorizing exam questions and answers. Your school should train you to acquire real language and cultural skills which enable you to live and work happily in Germany.

Information about visa to Germany

Various German care homes are looking for Vietnamese carers. Here are a few hints on fair and good conditions for your training and employment in Germany.

Warning about dubious providers