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Nguyen Thanh Huong

We interviewed Nguyen Thanh Huong for the 25th anniversary of the Goethe-Institut Hanoi:

HAN Interviews Nguyen Thanh Huong© Goethe-Institut Hanoi

I've been working at the Goethe-Institut for 22 or 23 years, ever since I graduated from university. This one was my very first job and I will probably stay here until I retire.

That I want to stay here at the Goethe-Institut I know for sure, but when I'm asked why, I somehow can't answer that. *laughs*

It's not that I hadn't thought about leaving, I had even planned to leave quite a few times. After starting here, I even applied for leave because I felt I wasn't good enough for the job. Then again, there were times when I had found new opportunities elsewhere. But after reconsidering my decision, I realized what actually keeps me at the institute to this day: the people here, the colleagues, so I wouldn't want to go anywhere else.

Everyone here at the institute, whether on the first day or later, treat each other very sincerely. Every time I come to work, I get a good feeling. For me, the people here are not just colleagues, but almost like brothers and sisters. When I started working at the institute, I was the youngest, so I was looked after like the youngest. I was able to experience the language department, the program department, and working in the library before moving to the administrative department, where I still work. These opportunities were a blessing because it allowed me to meet a lot of people, discover new things, and try different things.

I was introduced little by little into the complexities of every-day worklife. From small things like taking care of paperwork to bigger things like running the cash flow, or managing finances, I learn from my colleagues. When I first got married, my husband often had to go on business trips, so I had to stay home alone, then the Goethe-Institut was really my second home. Every Monday, I feel "so happy to go to work." Having a job to do and having colleagues who love me is one of the happiest things in life.