Talk Talking about ‘Xem Đêm, Càng Đêm’ exhibition

Xem đêm – Càng đêm © Manzi

Tue, 14.07.2020

Manzi Exhibition Space

2 Hang Bun lane, Ba Dinh

With the two artists: Nguyen Duc Phuong and Nguyen Ha. MC: architect Pho Duc Tung

Visual artist Nguyen Duc Phuong (aka Phuong Gio) and architect Nguyen Ha will talk about their collaboration for this exhibition. The will talk about space and form, the choice of the materials and last but not least the folk and ethnic traditions which have inspired their exhibition.

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The programme and the exhibition ‘Xem Đêm, Càng Đêm’ are supported by the Goethe-Institut.