Music Equation Music Festival

Equation is a music festival and meant to be a unique platform for the cultural exchange between Vietnam and other countries, Germany and France in particular. Equation see itself as an accelerator for the development of the electronic music scene in Vietnam.
In the long term, the project aims to deepen the relationships of artists, booking agencies and event organizers in South East Asia (Vietnam, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan), Europe (Germany, France) and the US.
The goal is to bring artists to Vietnam and vice versa Vietnamese artists to Europe. Furthermore it is important to make bookers, and artists aware of the growth of the electronic scene in Vietnam.
The growth of the scene and its development in Vietnam are supported by the participation of German artists:
Philipp Lauer is from Frankfurt and performs as Lauer, but also as part of the artist Duo Tuff City Kids with Gerd Janson. He is famous for his productions for Robert Johnson's record label "Live at Robert Johnson".
Roi Perez based in Berlin and had come to Vietnam before with funding of Goethe-Institut (here is a great article about the event in Hanoi in the worldwide biggest electronic music magazine Resident Advisor)
Nadine Moser alias Resom is one of the residents at ://about blank. She is famous as a booker and event organizer both in Berlin and Leipzig. She performed at the 2nd anniversary of Savage in September 2018.
Jacob Meehan also a well-known musician based in Berlin, programs the monthly party Buttons, every  third weekend per month at about blank in Berlin. He is also part of the organizing committee of the Queer and Whole Festival.
Discrete Circuit from Away (monthly event based Berlin)