Exhibition Beyond Destruction

Beyond Destruction © T. A. Baumhauer

Opening 23.11.2019 | 7 PM
Exhibition 9 AM bis 7 PM | 24.11 – 08.12.2019

VICAS Galerie

32 Hao Nam

An exhibition of Heritage Space

‘BEYOND DESTRUCTION’ is the title for art works by 15 international and Vietnamese artists. It is the outcome of seven weeks of exchange and work during their Month of Artistic Practice - MAP. Disciplines vary from painting, photography, videography, performance and conceptual art, installation and site-specific art. Refined from field research and voyages through visible or invisible lands. These artworks depict both ambiguously and meticulously the shape of the lands and the identity of decay in artists' deeply personal ways.
German artist Till Ansgar Baumhauer from Dresden is one of the international artists. He came with a support from the Art Foundation of Sachsen. His art work bears the title „Trial and Error“, and is his summary of experiences and artistic work during his three month stay in Vietnam. His main interest lies with the difference between his artistic concepts and their perception by Vietnamese viewers.
Baumhauer‘s work combines written statements and videos, aesthetic quotations from Vietnamese art history and elements from everyday culture. On multiple levels, the artist hereby reflects the topic „Beyond Destruction“, by approaching war memories on one side, but also making visible the failure and change of artistic concepts within international dialog.
Till Ansgar Baumhauer © Till Ansgar Baumhauer Till Ansgar Baumhauer
(*1972) lives and works as artist, curator and writer in Dresden (Germany). His artistic research is focused upon the long-term process of dealing with violence experience in social and personal fields. He also works on possibilities of transcultural dialog by artistic practice.