Presenting and meeting online Marina Abramović 'The Space in Between'

Marina Abramovic - The Space in Between © MARINA ABRAMOVIĆ

Mon, 13.07.2020


Goethe-Institut Hanoi

Online meeting with Marina Abramović  09:30 PM – 10:00 PM

‘The Space in Between’ is the latest movie about the artistic exploration of acclaimed performance artist Marina Abramovic. In search of personal healing and artistic inspiration, Marina Abramovic travels through Brazil experiencing sacred rituals and exploring limits between art, immateriality and consciousness. How far will she go to create her work of art?
Marina Abramovic visited seven Brazilian towns and met seven extraordinary people with different special abilities. The moment when mind and soul meet, ancient wisdom from nature, worn through the outfit of civilization and touching the sensitive soul, also make us face the fragility, pain and loneliness of humanity.
The film documents Marina's journey to fathom the boundaries between art and spirituality. A road movie with the destination heading towards the soul.
The screening will be followed by a discussion with local performance artists: Tran Luong  and Nguyen Hai Yen (Red) - moderated by Heritage Space.
Mr. Tran Luong has practiced performance art since 1990s, Ms. Nguyen Hai Yen (Red) is a representative of the young Performance art generation. She has just finished a research on the development of Performance Art in Vietnam.
The program is part of the long-term project of collecting and building data sources for learning and research on contemporary art initiated by Heritage Space.
Supported by the Goethe-Institut Hanoi and promoted by Hanoi Grapevine.

Marina Abramovic (*1946) is a Serbian American conceptual and performance artist, philanthropist and art filmmaker. Her work explores body art, endurance art and feminist art, the relationship between performer and audience, the limits of the body, and the possibilities of the mind. Being active for over four decades, Abramovic refers to herself as the "grandmother of performance art". She pioneered a new notion of identity by bringing in the participation of observers, focusing on "confronting pain, blood, and physical limits of the body".
Guest speakers
Trần Lương (b.1960) is a visual artist, independent curator and a pioneer in creating space for critical contemporary art in Vietnam. Among the first local artists to experiment with performance and video, his artwork is anchored in local experience. Active in making opportunities for artists, Trần Lương co-founded the ‘Gang of Five’ (1983-1996), which organized monthly exhibitions in alternative spaces. In 1998, he co-founded Nhà Sàn Studio, the country’s first, artist-led, experimental art space, and curated the majority of its exhibitions in the initial four years. He was also the founding director of the Hanoi Contemporary Art Centre in 2000, resigning in 2003 in protest of government corruption. A generous mentor of youth, Trần Lương goes beyond presumed ideas of curating, encouraging performers to push the boundaries, negotiating with the authorities, creating exchanges between North, Centre and South Vietnam, bringing artists of the diaspora back to Vietnam, and hosting international artists. In addition, he also manage many community development projects in multiple regions in Vietnam. His art criticizes repression, emphasised human resilience and empowerment of the individual through personal action and self-reflection. His dedicated energy in developing spaces, initiatives, networks and communities for performance and video arts in Vietnam, alongside his questioning of dominant norms is all towards supporting alternative visions in a context of ideological conformity.
(aka Nguyen Hai Yen, Ms.) is a new-gen talented visual artist, filmmaker, art writer, performer based in Hanoi, Vietnam. She started practising moving image at Hanoi Doclab since 2015 and made few short films including Homeless (2016), Water dreams (2016) and Summer siesta: 6th hour counting from dawn (2017) (produced within Hanoi DocLab’s film and photography series project Realities instructed and curated by Jamie Maxtone-Graham). Her films were screened at such programs as Quest Festival, Hanoi Docfest, Cold Call Film Festival... “Water Dreams" has won first prize for Quest x Doclab Short Film Competition. “Summer siesta: 6th hour counting from dawn” was exhibited at Fundacion PROA (Buenos Aires, Argentina) following the program of Artists Film International 2019 (nominated by Hanoi DocLab) from Feb 1 - March 3 and exhibited in White Chapelle Gallery (London) from August - 29 Sept 2019. She was a few Southeast Asian artists that were chosen to join Animistic Apparatus (Thailand, April 2019) organized by May Adadol Ingawanij as a filmmaker and a performer. She is a member of AJAR Press, an independent publishing house based in Hanoi that supports underground voices. Besides practicing moving image, she translates and performes experimentally. She just finished her research on Vietnamese performance art since 1990s to now. She has been a part of Heritage Space team as a music co-ordinator since summer 2018.