Contemporary dance Split - by Baydanc

split - by Baydance © Baydanc

Mon, 21.09.2020, 8 pm.

Goethe-Institut Hanoi

The performances will be premiere on Youtube channel of the Goethe-Institut Vietnam.
When confined to a small space, with no contact with the outside, encounters are not any more, everything just takes place in a space so familiar that it seems boring, will we cut off all associations? Or is it the time to connect to oneself - something that we occasionally forget? Each time like that, people "split" themselves.
“Split" is the breaking in piece, angled deeply inwardly . When outer space is limited, people discover emotions hidden deep within themselves, observe themselves under different beings, both separate and mixed, sometimes very confusing. “splitting” without separation, divide to open, for stopping but clarifying, for reflection and for connecting.
Through “splitting”, Baydanc gives a stream of thoughts, obsessions of each individual in the turn of the times and of relationships. "Splitting" is both an invisible cord that binds and it is the source of peace, disclosure, disclosure or an infinite, transforming cover.
The contemporary dance performance consists of three parts:

We always have invisible or tangible strings binding ourselves, pulling us back to the tranquility of the whirlwinds, making us realize a stop so that we don't get caught up in the vortices. In that peaceful place, I feel light, love and regret.

Each emotion is like a piece of reflection attached to us, we can only see when separating them into pieces, seeing those cuts is seeing every corner of our own shape. To be able to separate each layer of that reflection, we confide, tell, and converse with ourselves.

In his own safe space, after the comfort, tranquillity is a feeling of stagnation, fatigue, anxiety, and weight. The desire to escape safety in an enclosed space rekindles the tensions between choosing whether or not to. The choice of liberation brings a fresh wind, but also mixed with many worries and thoughts.

Le Tran Thao Nhi (*1995) – Dancer
Thao Nhi © Thao Nhi "In contemporary dance I always value freedom, authenticity and the artist's identity."

Hoang Lan Phuong (*1996) – Dancer
Lan Phuong © Lan Phuong "Keeping an individual ego doesn't mean not to open up to good things."

Nguyen Thi Thuy Linh (*1993) – Musician
"I stick to traditional instruments in order to preserve folk culture and to connect folk music with contemporary art through improvised compositions."

Pham Ngoc Toan („1996) – Dancer
Ngoc Toan © Ngoc Toan “Be yourself when you can.”