Concert Bougainvillea - Music

Bougainvillea - Music © Phu Pham

Mon., 05.10.2020, 8 pm.

Goethe-Institut Hanoi

With Phu Pham (DEE.F), Hương DonNa & Tống Khánh Hà

“Bougainvillea - Music” is a musical interpretation of Bougainvillea - an art conveyance by Phu Pham. The music piece attempts to build a bougainvillea city, where the body and his shadow negotiate their own rules. In this multimedia and improvisional performance, three artists are invited to participate in a jam session : Hương DonNa (objects), Lê Đình Nam Nguyên (DJ LADOR), and Tống Khánh Hà (visual).
Concept: Phú Phạm
Music: Phú Phạm, Hương DonNa, 
Visual: Tống Khánh Hà
Phú Phạm
Phu Pham © Hanoise Creating art in a ‘binary-gen’ world, the artist’s multi-facet mind is at astate to observe and challenge its reasonably sane path.Phu Often finding his sound buried with poetic yet provocative rhythms, Phu attempts to sculpt many of his conceptual sides through music.
Hương DonNa

is lecturer in the Department of Musical Instruments at the National College of Art Education. Graduated from Music Education at National University of Art Education in 2013, jazz major at the Vietnam National Academy of Music in 2014 and master degree in Cultural Management at the National University of Art Education in 2016. In 2012, she achieved outstanding achievements in scientific research at National University of Art Education. In addition, she also studied courses at DomDom - The Hub For Experimental Music & Art, guided by artists Henrik Frisk, Stefan Östersjö and Trần Kim Ngọc.

During her artistic practice, she always tested the combination of objects in an extremely realistic way, combined traditional instruments with electronic divisions to tell her story.
Tống Khánh Hà

Khanh Ha © Khanh Ha is currently studying Communication Design in Hamburg. Your VJ contribution to the multimedia performance “The Long Poem for Boundaries” by the artist Chinh Ba, which took place on August 17th in the context of Kulturwerkstatt 2020 is considered as her debut as a VJ artist.