Electronic Music MoTsound and Poetry Plus|A sound festival organized by MoT+++

MoT sound #16 in Ho-Chi-Minh-Stadt Photo: ©MoT sound

Sun, 01.11.2020

3:00 PM - 11:00 PM

Block 2; La Astoria (Ho Chi Minh City)

This festival is supported by Goethe-Institut within the programe Idea Booster.

MoT Sound #16 | aNEmanation: Electroll, the Pilgrim Raid (duo) and mess. are all young sound artists from Hanoi, they have not had a chance to perform in many places but just Hanoi, where is traditionally and culturaly the home of many sound artists from Vietnam from many generations. Mess (Thao Vu) has released two solo albums to date and is also part of the duo Annam together with Dustin Ng. Her production work explores a mix of traditional Vietnamese instruments & genres blended together with contemporary electronic composition techniques, and her oeuvre encompasses a range of styles from mainstream to experimental. Electroll is the solo experimental noise project of Nguyen Trung - a visual artist who also performs with the noise rock band Tonkin Yawnin’ as well as producing synthwave music under the moniker Corrupted Moonlight. The dynamic duo Pilgrim Raid consisting of Vuong Thien and Long Tran recently released their first album Vincent, exploring a mix of ambient & noise combining sampling with synthesis in a deep meditation on the new. They are currently working on their second album and also exploring a variety of different genres from downtempo hip-hop to euro-trash-pop to bass. Kim Trang recently appeared on the Saigon scene after returning from Denmark, a new face in the electronic music circles exploring sound through a combination of digital and analog synthesis. All four of these acts represent the youngest new emerging artists to make a mark on the scene, impressive with their multi-genre versatility and diversified production techniques, they will join
us for four distinct experimental sound sets for MoTsound #16 - aNEmanation.
Poetry plus Vol.3| Assimilation: A poetic day more than just reading. Artists work the works in their works with poetic assemblies, voices, sound, words, performances and nondeterministic discourses. Poetry is found in voices, space, in a variety of formats including audio, screening, textual and non-textual presentations.
Part 1:
MoTsound Poetry plus
  • 5:00PM - 5:50PM
1. Patriarchal Poetry - Gertrude Stein
Artist: Alec Schachner (English/Việt) - experimental reading / live translation  |  15mins

2. Lost voice - Lynh Barcadi
Artists: Lynh Barcadi (Vietnamese) ft. Alec Schachner (English+music) - live performance | 35mins
Part 2:
MoTsound Poetry plus
  • 20:00-21:30
1. Sound installation: Tin và tưởng
Artists: Ngọc Đại, Nguyễn Nhất Ly, Thanh Lâm - sound installation | 5mins

2A. Performing Art: Non-Document
Artist: Đạt Nguyễn - live performance

2B. Video art: Closed Circuit
Artist: Kim KyungMook - video art | 30mins

3. Poetry performing art: Aria for the edge
Poems: Cham ancient poem, Trà Vigia