The Perfect Secret © filmcut

Fri, 18.12.2020

7:00 PM

Screening room 1, Cinestar Cinema (Ho Chi Minh City)

Director: Bora Dagtekin
Duration: 106 minutes

Seven friends - three women and four men - meet for dinner. Everyone should put their cell phone on the table for a special game. No matter what message comes in - anyone can read it and listen to the coming phone calls. However, this leads to a lot of chaos and hidden secrets.

“The Perfect Secret” is a remake of the Italian film “Perfect Strangers”, which has already been remodeled in numerous countries, including Vietnam with a version named “Tiệc trăng máu” (Blood Moon Party). “The Perfect Secret” was the most successful theatrical release of a German film in 2019. The film had over 5 million cinema-goers and grossed around 44 million euros in Germany.

  Deutsches Freitag-Kino in Ho-Chi-Minh-Stadt