Run free book tour [postponed] – ICG Receiver

Run free book tour Photo: Project "Ignite Creativity Grant"

Sat, 15.05.2021 -
Wed, 30.06.2021

Ho Chi Minh City and Binh Duong

Do you love books and literature - local and translated?
Ever wonder what ‘Vietnamese contemporary literature’ is?
Curious to discover events organized by an independent publisher?

We have just the thing for you then!

As a Saigon-based independent press, Bar De Force seeks to translate, print, and distribute bilingual works of Vietnamese contemporary writers - regardless of where they are based. In addition to publishing, we also organize exhibitions, book talks, and workshops that touch upon various literary themes, while exploring the intersection between literature and other art forms.

Run Free, a book tour that spans across three cities: Saigon, Hanoi, and Dalat. Running along the theme of Gender Equality, there will be pop-up exhibitions in bookstores, book talk at cultural institutions, round-table discussions on translation, music jams at local pubs, and many more!

Please keep an eye out for our events as we update them on the road!

*Disclaimer*: Initially, Run Free was set to kick-start in mid-May, 2021. However, due to the current complicated situation of COVID-19 in Vietnam, BDF has decided to postpone the book tour until situation improves. Do stick around and wait for our announcement on our Facebook page and Instagram:

Instagram: bardeforcepress