Concert Music of the 20th century - Gala Concert

HAN 12.12.2021 © Inspirito Studio

Sun, 12.12.2021, 7:00 PM

Goethe-Institut Hanoi

The 20th century saw the transformation and explosion of new musical styles and languages. Influenced by countless dark historical events, composers all felt the traditional musical language was no longer relevant to the contemporary social context. Each composer finds different ways to express the voice of the times, using a new tonal system, a harmony system of his own, experiment new extended techniques on the instrument to create new sound, or even throwing away elements that they feel unnecessary to completely remove any barrier to creativity.

The 20th century music concert series in collaboration between Goethe Institute Hanoi and Inspirito School of Music to introduce compositions of the 20th and 21st centuries has organized 6 concerts in 2021, many of the compositions of the series were Vietnam premiere, including young composer Pho Duc Hoang of Vietnam.

The Gala Concert 2021 of the series will be a diverse program which contains some unique compositions that have been performed in previous concerts as well as many new compositions by composers from different countries, hoping to create a vivid picture of different and musical styles and colors.
Venue   program
Big hall – CHAMBER MUSIC MARCEL BITSCH (1921 – 2011)
4 Variations on a theme of D.Scarlatti (1950)
Yuki Urushihara (Trumpet) & Dương Hồng Thạch (Piano)

SERGEI PROKOFIEV (1891 – 1953)
Violin Sonata No.2 – 3. Presto – Poco pìu mosso
Hoàng Hồ Khánh Vân (Violin) & Hoàng Hồ Thu (Piano)

OLIVIER MESSIAEN (1908 – 1992)
Etude-Vocalise for Oboe & Piano (1935)
Hoàng Mạnh Lâm (Oboe) & Hoàng Hồ Thu (Piano)

ANTON WEBERN (1883 – 1945)
4 Pieces Op.7 for Violin & Piano (1914)
Nguyễn Thiện Minh (Violin) & Hoàng Hồ Thu (Piano)

“Dash” - for Flute, Clarinet & Piano (2001)
Lê Thư Hương (Flute), Trần Khánh Quang (Clarinet) & Hsin-Chiao Liao (Piano)
Classroom – PIANO ALFREDO CASELLA (1883 – 1947)
2 Contrastes – 1. Hommage à Chopin & 2. Antigrazioso (1916)
Nguyễn Phạm Minh Hoàng (Piano)

PAUL HINDEMITH (1895 – 1963)
Suite “1922” Op.26 – 1. Marsch & 2. Shimmy (1922)
Đinh Xuân Hà (Piano)

Rondo (2021)
Nguyễn Đức Thuận (Piano)

Kurze Waltzer – Selections (1988)
Nguyễn Quỳnh Trang (Piano) & Nguyễn Thanh Thủy (Piano)

Toccata on l’homme armé (2016)
Phó Duy Phương (Piano)
The snows of Fuji-yama (1924)
Ngô Ngân Hà (Piano)

JOHN CAGE (1912 – 1992)
Nocturne for Violin & Piano (1947)
Nguyễn Hà Linh (Violin) & Lưu Đức Anh (Piano)

16 Sneakers for Viola Solo (2012)
Phùng Hoài Thu (Viola)

Sun Ray (2021)
Lưu Đức Anh (Piano) & Nguyễn Phú Sơn (Piano)

“Solo Piano for Percussion”
Kyle Acuncius (Percussion)

Celestial Mechanics (Makrocosmos IV) – 1. Alpha Centauri (1979)
Bùi Khánh Vi (Piano) & Hoàng Linh Hương (Piano)
LOUIS ANDRIESSEN (1939 – 2021) Workers Union (1975)

Lưu Đức Anh
Phan Đỗ Phúc
Nguyễn Phú Sơn
Nguyễn Duy Long
Dương Hồng Thạch
Nguyễn Đức Thuận
Nguyễn Đăng Quân
Phạm Quốc Định
Trần Khánh Quang
Kyle Acuncius
Yuki Urushihara
Phạm Thế Hoành
Đào Dương Khánh
Trương Tấn Sang


Lưu Đức Anh (*1990)
Lưu Đức Anh © privat Graduated with a Master's degree in Piano Performance from the Royal Consalte of Liege, Belgium and the Malmo Academy of Music, Sweden. He has won many international awards, performed in many countries around the world as well as played with many orchestras such as Vietnam Symphony Orchestra, London Chamber Orchestra, Helsingborgs Symphony Orchestra, Ho Chi Minh City Opera and Opera Orchestra, Liege Symphony Orchestra, ... He currently teaches at the Piano Department of the Vietnam National Academy of Music, co-founding the Maestoso and Inspirito School of Music.

Dương Hồng Thạch (*1990)
Dương Hồng Thạch © privat studied intermediate level and Bachelor in Piano performing at Vietnam National Academy of Music with teacher Nguyen Huy Phuong. In 2015, after earning Bachelor degree in Vietnam, he continued to study his Master degree in Piano performing at Gnesin Academy of Music, Russia and graduated in 2018. Thach has participated in various piano masterclasses with well-known musicians and professors such as Prof.Tran Thu Ha (Vietnam), Prof. Fumiko Eguchi (Japan), Prof. Boris Kraljevic (Serbia)… After returning to Vietnam, he became teacher at Piano department, Vietnam National Academy of Music.

Hoàng Linh Hương (*2001)
Hoang Linh Huong © privat currently studying Musicology at Vietnam National Academy of Music and Piano with pianist Luu Duc Anh. She is currently working as a teaching assistant at Inspirito School of Music.

Đinh Xuân Hà (*2004)
Đinh Xuân Hà © privat Is now studying Piano at Vietnam National Academy of Music under the guidance of teacher Nguyen Thi Thanh Hang. He has participated in many Masterclasses with international pianists and has been awarded Gold medal at Asia-Pacific Music Competition as well as various excellent piano diplomas. Currently, he is working as teaching assistant at Inspirito school of Music.

Nguyễn Hà Linh (*2001)
Nguyen Ha Linh © privat is currently studying Bachelor of Violin performance at Vietnam National Academy of Music with violinist Do Xuan Thang. She has performed as member of various orchestras such as Vietnam National Symphony Orchestra, Sun Symphony Orchestra, Chiangmai Symphony Orchestra, Osaka Kyoiku University Symphony Orchestra as well as participating in many music festivals as Saigon Chamber Music 2015, Singapore Violin Festival 2019. In 2020, she co-founded L’espoir trio and has won Third prize at 1st Vietnam International Competition for Violin & Chamber Music and Third Prize of Autumn National Music Competition (Chamber music category).

Phó Duy Phương (*2000)
Pho Duy Phuong © privat He is a piano student of Nguyen Minh Anh at Vietnam National Academy of Music. He is working as a teaching assistant at Inspirito School of Music.

Nguyễn Đức Thuận (*1999)
Nguyen Duc Thuan © privat He is studying piano with Nguyen Hoang Phuong at the Vietnam National Academy of Music. He is also working at the Inspirito School of Music as teaching assistant.

Phó Đức Hoàng (*1990)
Piano, Komponist
Phó Đức Hoàng © privat He is a composer and has a bachelor's degree in composition from Berklee College of Music (2015) and a master's degree from South Florida University (2018). He has studied with Baljinder Sekhon, Paul Reller, Marti Epstein, Curtis Hughes and Jan Swafford. He composes instrumented and electronic music. In his compositions he explores new timbres and forms of expression and creates unique and impressive new music.

Hsin-Chiao Liao (*1988)
Hsin-Chiao Liao © privat She earned her Doctoral degree in piano performance at Stony Brooks University, New York. She has performed frequently as soloist, chamber musician and appeared on prestigious concert halls in New York, at various music festivals in North America. In the field of contemporary music, her repertoire includes various composers from Second Viennese school to composers of the 21st century. She has directly worked with David Amram, Piers Hellawell, Sean Shepherd, Alan Smith, Sheila Silver, Joan Tower, Peter Winkler.

Phan Đỗ Phúc (*1990)
Phan Do Phuc © privat Phuc graduated his Bachelor at Luther College in 2011 and obtained his Master in 2015 and his Doctoral degree in 2020 in Cello performance under the guidance of Professor Colin Carr. Has been invited as guest principal cello of various orchestras in the United States and of the Vietnam National Symphony Orchestra. He is presently principal Cello of Sun Symphony Orchestra Vietnam, teaches and serves as head of chamber music and orchestral department at Inspirito School of Music. He is co-founder of Glanz String Quartet and the Schubert in a Mug concert and music talk series in Hanoi.

Kyle Acuncius (*1986)
Kyle Acuncius © privat holds percussion performance degrees from the Interlochen Arts Academy, the Eastman School of Music (B.M.), Indiana University (M.M.) and two degrees from the University of Michigan (M.M.-Chamber Music & Specialist in Music). Kyle is currently Principal Timpanist with the Sun Symphony Orchestra, Hanoi. Prior to his appointment in Vietnam, he held the position of principal timpanist of the Thailand Philharmonic Orchestra and served as instructor and coordinator of the percussion program at Mahidol University’s College of Music in Bangkok. Kyle is a proud endorser of Zildjian Cymbals, Black Swamp Percussion and JG Percussion.

Hoàng Mạnh Lâm (*1985)
Hoàng Mạnh Lâm © privat studied oboe at Vietnam National Academy of Music with Ngo Phuong Dong and continued his further studies with Peter Smith at Temple University, Philadelphia, USA. He has performed as member of numerous orchestras such as Vietnam National Symphony Orchestra, Internationale Junge Orchesterkademie (Germany). He is currently teaching oboe at Vietnam National Academy of Music, and Chamber Music at Inspirito School of Music; he serves as associate principal oboe of Sun Symphony Orchestra.

Yuki Urushihara (*1990)
Yuki Urushihara © privat graduated from the University for music and theater Rostock, Germany. He has performed in many orchestras such as Tokyo Junior Philharmonic Orchestra, Asian Youth Orchestra, Staatsoper Berlin, Orchestra Akademie of Norddeutsche Philharmonic Rostock. He currently works at the Sun Symphony Orchestra and teaches trumpet and ensemble at the Inspirito School of Music.

Hoàng Hồ Thu (*1994)
Hoàng Hồ Thu © privat graduated with Master degree in piano performance from the Liszt Ferenc academy, Budapest. She has won numerous awards at international music competitions for solo piano as well as chamber music. She currently teaches at the Piano Department of the Vietnam National Academy of Music, Inspirito School of Music and participates in the monthly concert series of Schubert in a Mug.

Nguyễn Đăng Quân (*1989)
Nguyễn Đăng Quân © privat started learning Violin from 9 years old. Graduated Bachelor Degree of Violin by Vietnam National Academy of Music under the instructions of Dr. Nguyen Trong Binh. Participated in Hanoi Philharmonic Orchestra, SouthEast Asian Youth Orchestra, Vietnam National Opera & Ballet Orchestra, Vietnam National Symphony Orchestra and Sun Symphony Orchestra. Performed in Thailand, Singapore, Japan, Germany. Studying Master of Violin at Vietnam National Academy of Music. ​​​​​​​

Nguyễn Phú Sơn (*1991)
Nguyen Phu Son © privat graduated in Composition from the National Academy of Music in Vietnam. He later graduated Orchestral Conducting with conductor Stefan Blunier and also studying Cembalo with cembalist Miklos Spanyi at the Hochschule für Musik und Darstellende Kunst Mannheim, Germany. He is the co-founder of Maestoso, teacher of Orchestral conducting and ancient music performance at Inspirito School of Music. He has collaborated and performed with orchestras such as Baden-Badener Philharmonie, Württembergische Philharmmonie Reutlingen, Stuttgarter Philharmmonie, Deutsche Staatsphilharmonie Rheinland-Pfalz, Mannheimer Kollegium Musicum, Medea Orchester, Sinfonieorchester der Musikhochschule Mannheim, State Opera Plovdiv Bulgaria…​​​​​​​

Phạm Quốc Định (*1990)
Phạm Quốc Định © privat earned his bachelor of Violin performance in 2013 under the guidance of teacher Pham Truong Son. He has joined various orchestras in Vietnam such as: Hanoi Philharmonic Orchestra, South East Asia Youth Orchestra, Vietnam National Opera and Ballet Orchestra and performed in China, Japan, Russia, Thailand. He is member of the Vietnam National Symphony Orchestra.

Trần Khánh Quang (*1983)
Trần Khánh Quang © privat earned his Bachelor degree for clarinet at Vietnam National Academy of Music, Master degree at Temple University (USA) and Doctoral degree at North Texas University (USA). During his study, he has worked with well-known musicians such as John Scott, Kimberly Cole Luevano, Paul Demers, Ricardo Morales, Greg Raden, Vu Dinh Thach. He has performed at multiple music festivals with domestic and US-American orchestras. Tran Khanh Quang serves now as lecturer at the Vietnam National Academy of Music and is also artist of the acclaimed wind brand Buffet Crampon and Vandoren Paris.

Nguyễn Phạm Minh Hoàng (*1997)
Nguyễn Phạm Minh Hoàng © privat graduated Intermediate level of Piano performance at Vietnam National Academy of Music under the guidance of Nguyen Minh Anh. He continued to pursue his study in Hungary and earned his Bachelor of Piano performance in2021 at Franz Liszt Academy of Music, Budapest, Hungary under the guidance of Professors Gulyás István, Jandó Jenő, Monostori Gábor and Mali Emese.

Phùng Hoài Thu (*1995)
Phùng Hoài Thu © privat started studying the violin with Tran Manh Hung later Bui Cong Duy. For two consecutive years she attended and performed with the Asian Youth Orchestra in Vietnam, Hong Kong, Japan, Taiwan, China and Singapore. In 2014, she continued her study at N. A. Rimsky-Korsakov Conservatory, St. Petersburg. She obtained her Master degree in Viola performance in 2020. She has been awarded the First prize at the 18th International Competition Maria Yudina 2017, First prize at the International Music Competition "Creativity and Preservation" (Violin & Viola, aged 18) held in Saint Petersburg, Russia, Second prize (Chamber Music category) at the Vietnam international music competition for Violin and Chamber Music 2019. Currently she is teaching at Vietnam National Academy of Music and Inspirito School of Music.

Hoành Phạm (*1991)
Hoành Phạm © privat is a trumpet player and involved in music productions. He started playing trumpet in 2003 at the Vietnam National Academy of Music. He has been working with different orchestras in Hanoi such as the Vietnam National Symphony Orchestra, the Vietnam National Opera and Ballet, the Hanoi Philharmonic Orchestra and the Rhapsody philharmonic. In 2020 he and his friends from different orchestras created Hanoi Brass Community as a playground for brass lovers in general, including Hanoi Brass Quintet and Hanoi Brass Ensemble. He teaches trumpet at the British Vietnamese International School, British International School and United Nation International School.​​​​​​​

Hoàng Hồ Khánh Vân (*1997)
Hoàng Hồ Khánh Vân © privat studied Violin in Minsk (Belarus) at 4 years old. From 2007 – 2015, she studied at Vietnam National Academy of Music under the guidance of Dr. Bui Cong Duy and Dr. Ngo Hoang Linh. In 2016, she received Stipendium Hungaricum scholarship to study her Bachelor and Master degree at Liszt Ferenc Academy of Music, Hungary with Prof. Vilmos Szabadi. In 2019, she won 3rd prize and Special prize for best Vietnamese contestant at the 1st International Violin Competition in Hanoi, as well as being invited to perform at Tokyo University of the Arts (Geidai) in 2020. She has performed. In 2018, as a chamber duo with her sister, pianist Hoang Ho Thu, the duo won Dohnány prize (highest prize) at Dohnány Ernő Chamber Music competition. Currently, she is a lecturer of Violin at Vietnam National Academy of Music.

Lê Thư Hương (*1978)
Lê Thư Hương © privat obtained her Bachelor of Music from the Royal Danish Academy of Music in Copenhagen, Master of Music from the Vietnam National Academy of Music and accomplished her Doctor of Musical Arts degree from the University of North Texas.She was a former principal flutist of the Hanoi Philharmonic Orchestra and flute faculty member of the Winds Department in the Vietnam National Academy of Music.  Huong won 1st Prize winner of American Protégé Woodwinds and Brass Competition and had her debut in Carnegie Hall, New York in 2019.

Bùi Khánh Vi (*2003)
Bùi Khánh Vi © privat currently studying Piano at Vietnam National Academy of Music with artist Luu Duc Anh. She won the fourth prize of the Steinway Youth Piano Competition 2020 and is currently a teaching assistant at the Inspirito School of Music.

Ngô Ngân Hà (*2002)
​​​​​ Ngô Ngân Hà © private is currently studying Piano at the Vietnam National Academy of Music under the guidance of teacher Pham Linh Chi. During her studies, she has participated in Masterclasses of many famous professors. She has won a number of prizes in domestic and international competitions such as: 2nd Prize at Concours “FLAME” 2017, Paris – France, 1st prize in Colombes Music Competition 2017, Paris - France… She currently works as a teaching assistant at the Inspirito School of Music.

Nguyễn Quỳnh Trang (*1993)
Nguyễn Quỳnh Trang © privat studied Piano at the Vietnam National Academy of Music in 2004 under the guidance of former Head of Piano, teacher Hoang Vinh Huong and has won many music awards at home and abroad. From 2014, she continued her study at Hochschule für Musik Karlsruhe in Germany, under the guidance of Dr. Eva-Maria Rieckert. In 2018, Quynh Trang graduated with 2 bachelor's degrees: Piano Performance and Piano Pedagogy. Quynh Trang has had many domestic and foreign performances such as Hanoi, Da Nang, Ho Chi Minh City (Vietnam); Berlin, Karlsruhe, Mainheim, Bretten... (Germany); Cheonan (South Korea). Currently, she is a lecturer of Piano department at Hanoi College of Art. 

Nguyễn Thanh Thủy (*1994)
Nguyễn Thanh Thủy © privat graduated with Bachelor degree in Piano performance at Vietnam National Academy of Music and now continuing her Master in Piano performance under the tuition of Prof.Tran Thu Ha. During her study, she has participated in many music competitions as well as playing in numerous concerts in Vietnam. She is currently teaching at Hanoi College of Art and Inspirito School of Music.

Nguyễn Thiện Minh (*1993)
Nguyễn Thiện Minh © privat started studying Violin at Vietnam National Academy of Music under the guidance of Dr. Nguyen Trong Binh and later with People Artist. Nguyen Chau Son. After graduating the Intermediate level, he continued his study at Baratt Due Institut of Music under the sponsorship of Transposition project. He earned his Bachelor and Master degree here under the guidance of Prof. Stephan Barratt Due. He has won multiple awards in Vietnam and international as well as performing as solist with Vietnam National Symphony Orchestra, Ho Chi Minh city Ballet and Opera Orchestra and other international Orchestra’s.Minh is now a lecturer at String Department, Vietnam National Academy of Music.

Trương Tấn Sang (*1996)
Trương Tấn Sang © privat was admitted and started studying Tuba at Vietnam National Academy of Music in 2010. During his study, he has participated in various orchestras and ensembles such as: VNAM Wind Band, Vietnam National Symphony Orchestra, Hanoi Philharmonic Orchestra, Rhapsody Philharmonic. Currently, he is pursuing his Bachelor degree in Tuba at Vietnam National Academy of Music.

Nguyen Duy Long (*1988)
Nguyễn Duy Long © privat began his bassoon studies at age 10, as a pupil at the Hanoi Conservatorium of Music. He was accepted into the Sydney Conservatorium of Music on a full scholarship where he completed his Bachelor and Masters of Music. While studying, he has also attended the prestigious Pacific Music Festival in Japan in 2014. Long has moved back to Vietnam from Australia in December 2019 to join the Sun Symphony Orchestra. He is currently teaching at the Vietnam National Academy of Music and the International School of Vietnam.

Dao Duong Khanh
Đào Dương Khánh © privat Khanh start study Tenor Trombone from 2012 at VietNam National Academy of Music. Now keep study music College at VNAM. He had participated in “Ha Noi Phiharmonic” , “VietNam National Symphony Orchestra”. Solist in SSO’s educational concert (wind session).