Concert Music of the 20th Century - Concert No. 11: Irrer Klang

HAN 27.10.2022 CONCERT NO.11 – 20th Century Music Concert Series © Goethe-Institut Hanoi

Thu, 27.10.2022

8:00 PM

Goethe-Institut Hanoi

Welcome back to the 20th Century Music Concert Series, organized by Maestoso, Inspirito School of Music and Goethe Institut Hanoi. The 20th Century Music Concert Series has surpassed the 10-program milestone to program number 11. This is a very special concert program because for the first time the entire concert length will be dedicated only to the percussion.

“Irrer Klang“ – the German title of the performance means "insane sound" and will certainly bring many surprises for those who are passionate about classical and contemporary music.
The world of a percussionist can often be strange and chaotic. Kyle Acuncius has chosen repertoire for this concert to be both visually and aurally stimulating, challenging the audience to experience percussion from a new perspective. 
Some of the pieces will blur the lines between music and performance art, while innovative techniques will reveal new timbres on seemingly familiar instruments.

The program has the participation of Kyle Acuncius (Percussion), Chaiyaphat Prempree (Percussion), Hyang Gee Lee (Percussion).
JOSEPH TOMPKINS (*1970) To Varese (2013)
Kyle Acuncius (Percussion)
JONATHAN OVALLE (*1976) Triangulation (2013)
Kyle Acuncius (Percussion)
CASEY CANGELOSI (*1982) Bad Touch (2013)
Kyle Acuncius (Percussion)
MARK APPLEBAUM (*1967) Catfish (1997)
Chaiyaphat Prempree & Hyang Gee Lee (Percussion)
MICHIO KITAZUME (*1948) Side by Side (1989)
Kyle Acuncius (Percussion)
SHAUN TILBURG (*1981) Four Minute Psychosis (2016)
Chaiyaphat Prempree (Percussion)
THIERRY DE MEY (*1956) Silence Must Be (2002)
Kyle Acuncius (Percussion)
KYLE ACUNCIUS (*1986) Crazy Excerpts (2016)
Kyle Acuncius (Percussion)


Chaiyaphat Prempree (*1995)
Chaiyaphat Prempree © privat is a percussionist in the Sun Symphony Orchestra. He graduated from the Yong Siew Toh Conservatory of Music (Singapore) with a Bachelor of Music (Percussion) under the tutelage of Mr. Jonathan Fox,  his professors included Max Riefer and Mario Choo.

Hyanggee Lee (*1987)
Hyanggee Lee © privat
is the principal percussionist at Sun Symphony Orchestra. She went to Sook-Myung Women's University as a Percussion Performance major in South Korea. Hyanggee Lee also studied in the USA for Artist Diploma and Master’s Degree, at Duquesne University and DePaul University from 2011 to 2015. Lee has been playing with Seoul Philharmonic Orchestra and other major orchestras in Korea since 2011.

Kyle Acuncius (*1986)
Kyle Acuncius © privat graduated with several degrees in Percussion Performance from the United States, including the Interlochen Arts Academy. Currently, he is the Principal Timpanist of the Sun Symphony Orchestra, Hanoi. Previously, he played in the Thailand Philharmonic Orchestra and taught and coordinated the Percussion Program at the Mahidol University School of Music in Bangkok. Kyle Acuncius is an active member of the Percussive Arts Society and serves as a member of their International Committee.