Deep-Reading and Interpretation Seminar Hannah Arendt - Philosopher of Crisis

Hannah Arendt ©

21.03.2020, 9h – 12h và 14h – 16h

Viện Goethe Hà Nội

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This one-day seminar gives scholars of political theory and thinkers an opportunity to discuss their understanding of Hannah Arendt’s essay Crisis in Culture. For your preparation please make use of the text selection from this essay.

Please apply for this participation by March 14, 2020.Please describe why the reason why you wish to participate and how your participation will help others to understand Hannah Arendt’s work. If your application is successful, you will get an invitation and the text for your preparation.

Hannah Arendt (1906 –1975)

was a German-American philosopher and political theorist. She is one of the most important political philosophers of the twentieth century.

The notion of crisis is central to Arendt’s work. In Between Past and Future, her collection of eight exercises crisis in political thought. The third and the fourth essays are entitled, respectively, “What Is Authority?” and “What is Freedom?” The following two texts bear the titles “The Crisis in Education” and “The Crisis in Culture.”
The interrelation of these two concepts – politics and crisis – can be summarized. According to Arendt, politics is fundamentally about the relationship of human beings with one another, the nature of their bond, the principles that unite them, and the very frame of the multiple local and temporary projects they undertake together. Crisis on the other hand names the dissolution and possible reconstitution of human communities: it is the moment when the community’s taken-for granted integrity is threatened. It follows, then, that crisis is central to politics. So, what is a crisis?

Well let’s read and discuss.


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