Verleger Einladungsprogramm
Nairobi International Bookfair (21.9. – 25.9.2016)

The Goethe-Institut, in cooperation with the Nairobi International Bookfair, is offering an invitation programme for two publishers from South Africa.

The aim of this initiative is to support the participation of publishing houses from South Africa at the Nairobi International Book Fair and to provide networking opportunities for publishers.

The grant comprises of travel costs from South Africa,  a small joined stand (6m²) at the Book Fair (provided by the Kenya Publishers Association) and accommodation during the Book Fair. Costs for the transportation of books and other materials to be exhibited are not covered.

Independent publishing houses from South Africa can apply for the grant. Priority will be given to smaller and innovative publishing houses with a range of publications in the field of literature and/or children’s books. Publishers producing mainly text books will not be considered. Publishers  who have not received a grant from the Goethe-Institut before will be given preference. The grant is restricted to one person per publishing house and is not transferable to a fellow employee.
Important information:
The grant requires the participation of the invitees at the Book Fair with a stand presenting a selection of the publisher’s titles. It is mandatory to participate during the whole period (21. -  25. September 2016). 
If you are interested, please download the application form

and send the filled out form to:
Goethe-Institut Johannesburg                                 
Att: Ms Sine Buthelezi
Fax: 0027-11-442 37 38
The deadline for applications is 30. June 2016. Applications received after the stipulated date will not be considered.