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Episode 3: African Mobilities

GoetheStories 3 AMO
© Goethe-Institut Johannesburg

​For our third installment, we are continuing with our remote podcast series which is recorded completely digitally due to the ongoing lockdown and Covid-19 response.

In the latest episode of the GoetheStories podcast, we are having a conversation about African Mobilities. Host Sound of Xee speaks with Dr Mpho Matsipa founder of African Mobilities. The conversation covers spatial planning practices from pre colonial times to the current neo liberal dispensation; and considers how this has impacted on the black experience and bodies. More importantly, it explores imagining other ways of being, for black people of the continent and diaspora. A truly insightful conversation.


Dr Mpho Matsipa:

Sound Of Xee:

Tracklist of background music:

1. Machine Mailing 
by Xee & CodeKid 

2. Be And It Is
by Fred Buddah 

3. III
by Seventhgaze

4. Roilerbroom
by Frnge

5. Voyage Ye High 
by t.Siza

6. Bala Moussaka 
By Maleem Mahmoud Ghania & Pharoah Sanders