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Cav’ - a South African vernacular expression used to say “check it out” or “understand”

About Us

As Cav’ Creative Economies Platform, we aim to be a catalyst for furthering, enabling and improving income-generating opportunities for creative entrepreneurs through access to: skills-training, mentorship, relevant information, networks, networking opportunities, market/showcasing opportunities.
Cav’ Creative Economies is a Goethe-Institut initiative that comprises the two projects Cav’ Platform and Cav’ Township. The programme aims to contribute to the creative and cultural industries in South Africa, through enabling creative organisations and small businesses towards income generation.


The Cav’ Township project develops and implements enabling strategies for young creative people in townships. It promotes and supports local cultural and creative hubs, in order to address unemployment and income generation.


The Cav’ Platform contributes to existing efforts in the creative and cultural industry (CCI). Through Forums based on research and a virtual platform, Cav Platform provides a space for dialogue, networking, information and resources sharing. 

On behalf of the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ), the GIZ (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit) and the Goethe-Institut promote the emerging market of cultural and creative industries in Africa and in the Middle East.
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Cultural Entrepreneurship Platform Foto: Tim Moolman

Cav' Entrepreneurship Platform

Das Projekt "Cav' Entrepreneurship Platform (CEP)" soll die KKW durch Vernetzung und Schaffung von Möglichkeiten für die Sichtbarkeit des Sektors stärken.

Cultural Economies in Townships Foto: Tim Moolman

Cav' Economies in Township

Das Projekt " Cav' Economies in Townships" (CET) hat sich zum Ziel gesetzt, das große Potential der Kreativwirtschaft zu nutzen und damit einen Beitrag gegen die hohe Jugendarbeitslosigkeit zu leisten.