Art Exhibition

LF - Exhibition © Goethe-Institut Johannesburg

Feminism ya Mang, Feminism Yethu, Feminism Yani is the visual exploration on how we define womanhood, sexuality, age and feminism; key themes that come with such an engagement; and the ways in which notions on gender and queerness can redefine our understandings.  By engaging with this complexity, the exhibition aims to celebrate the diversity of knowledge that contributes to our regional experience of Feminisms. We acknowledge that this notion is not static and is constantly being challenged by a myriad of lived experiences.  

The exhibition is a reflection of the diversity of experiences and expressions in being woman in spaces such as those represented in this installation. Home of Empty’s and Saloon explores the way in which woman engage with and exist within these realities. The installation texts particularly focuses on some of the words, emotions and memories associated with the spaces and interrogates what this means in a local context. 

Participating artists: 
Jodi Bieber, Amy Ayanda, Teresa Firmino, Helena Uambembe, Kelly Johnson, Lulama ‘Wolf’ Mlambo, Saaiqa, Santu Ramaisa, Jabu Newman