DJ Set and Performance

LF - DJ Set und Performance © Goethe-Institut Johannesburg

Pussy Party by Colleen “Rosie Parade” Balchin and Gontse “Phatstoki” More from Pussy Party AND Performance by Annalyzer with DJ Umagezangobisi 

Pussy Party is an incubator for women and queer DJs, originating in Johannesburg, South Africa. What began as a regular club night and free DJ skills shares has blossomed into a community of DJs and nightlife professionals working together to create more gentle, loving, intentional and safer nightlife and club cultures. 

"Where lived experience, our performative selves and our engagements with the biological body form our starting points" 

Pussy Party is primarily a lived experience. Our starting point was shared experiences at the club as women and queer people, and we dove into the task of 'trying to make things better' without knowing exactly how this could be done. Our focus is on practical tools and techniques that help to relieve pressure for our community - our rhetoric follows on from our active and regular investigations and experiments.  

Annalyzer fuses Xhosa indigenous chants with opera vocals and  Praise Poetry on unique beats inspired by Street Hip Hop. When this performer steps on stage time stands still.