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Was ist das Projekt #GoetheSounds?

Als uns die Covid-19-Pandemie im März 2020 traf, taten wir das einzig Richige: Wir schlossen unsere Türen und sagten unsere Veranstaltungen ab.

Das bedeutete aber auch ein Dilemma für uns: Wir wussten, dass wir nicht nur die Dinge vermissen würden, die wir normalerweise machen, sondern auch die Leute, die wir treffen. Sei es durch offene Diskussion, die Zusammenarbeit mit unseren Partnern oder eine Zufallsbegegnung im Flur - die Verbindungen, die wir mit unserem Publikum eingehen hat einen großen Anteil an unserer Arbeit. 

Zusammen mit dem Schwesterprojekt #GoetheAtHome begannen wir damit, eine persönlichere Seite von uns auf Social Media zu zeigen. 

Unsere Serie #GoetheSounds dreht sich ganz um die Liebe zur Musik! Jede Woche stellt einer unserer Mitarbeiter ihre Lieblingsmusik vor und redet über deren persönliche Bedeutung. Was folgt, ist eine chronologische Sammlung aller Beiträge der Serie.

Francois Venter - 22.07.2020

Amanda de Beer - 08.07.2020

Jonas Radunz - 24.06.2020

Andreas Möckel - 17.06.2020

Francois Venter - 10.06.2020

Matthias Witte - 03.06.2020

Arthur Rapp - 27.05.2020

Asma Diakite - 20.05.2020

Francois Venter - 13.05.2020

Munshya Nalomba - 06.05.2020

Every Wednesday, one of our colleagues presents their favorite music for our #GoetheSounds series. Munshya Nalomba, our library coordinator, speaks about her love for Afrobeats:
“This was a particulary difficult challenge for me, because anyone who knows me knows that music is my first love. So choosing one song was very difficult, I never listen to one genre at a time. For the purpose of #GoetheSounds I will choose two songs: First up is „Pana“ by Tekno, a Nigerian musician - this song to me represents the beginning of my love affair with Afrobeats. I haven’t gotten over it ever since. Whenever I hear this song, the beat makes me feel like dancing and brings me so much joy, a much needed emotion during these tough times. My second song is „Ye“ by Burnaboy one of my favourite Afrobeats artists. The smooth rythmic sound of this song relaxes me in these stressful COVID 19 times.“

Mukundi Lambani - 29.04.2020

Sören Jonsson - 22.04.2020

Jonas Radunz - 15.04.2020

Our #GoetheSounds series is all about the love for music! Every week, one staff member takes about their favorite song. Today it’s Jonas Radunz’ turn, who is our Public Relations Officer:

“Picking one specific song was very stressful for me as a DJ, but here’s the story to one of the songs that mean a lot to me - DJ Kent’s “On Top Of The World”.

One faithful 19 April 2013, a young German volunteer working at the Kliptown Youth Program (KYP) in Soweto met a beautiful South African lady. He managed to gather all his courage and asked for her number, and in their following chats they soon discovered a similar taste in music and even better, a taste for each other. In these times, the young lad would sit at home, listen to “On Top Of The World” and daydream about being with the lady of his heart forever.

Fast forward to today and the two lovebirds are approaching their 2 year wedding anniversary and have a beautiful son together. And still today, they like to listen to “On Top Of The World” and remember the time when they first met.”

Link to the song: https://youtu.be/HW_EpUGe308

Masechaba Moloi - 09.04.2020

Francois Venter - 01.04.2020