Collection of Baseline Data for ACP-EU Funded Project

Da Englisch eine wichtige Voraussetzung für die Vergabe des Auftrags ist, wird dieser auch in Englisch ausgeschrieben.

Deadline for the submission of offers: 
May 16, 2021 – 23.59h CAT

The Goethe-Institut, in partnership with the Music In Africa Foundation invites companies based in Southern Africa to bid for a contract to collect and set the initial baseline data for a new ACP-EU funded cultural project.


The Music In Africa Foundation and the Goethe-Institut recently started the implementation of the Sound Connects Fund, an EU-ACP funded 40-month project aiming at supporting creatives in Southern Africa. Through sub grants practitioners will be supported in improving their products and services, in gaining more access to markets and to finances as well as in implementing initiatives focused on audience literacy. To enable adequate monitoring and evaluation, the baseline is meant to establish the status-quo to which the project’s results will be related to at the end of implementation.

Organisations involved

Goethe-Institut: As the Federal Republic of Germany’s internationally active cultural institute, the Goethe-Institut promotes access to the German language, encourages international cultural cooperation and provides up-to-date information about Germany. With 157 institutes in 98 countries, as well as cooperative arrangements with partner establishments, the Goethe-Institut global network offers 1100 points of contact around the world.
Music In Africa Foundation is a non-profit, pan African organization with a vision to be the leading source of information and exchange in and for the African music sector. The objectives of the Music In Africa Foundation include: providing reliable and useful information that promotes the African music sector and its operators; connecting and promoting exchange between music operators from, or related to, Africa and its diasporas; promoting and encouraging the creation of content by Africans, about Africa or related to Africa and its diasporas; improving the distribution, accessibility and viability of such content; promoting the spirit of entrepreneurship among the African music sector; enhancing music education; facilitating and promoting, through research, development and education, the use by professionals and audiences of current and future technologies; and providing one single and viable access point for all of the above that links existing initiatives, services and resources.


Conducting the baseline for the different indicators provided in the logframe. These focus on the current state of access to markets and finances as well as the creatives’ evaluation of their products and services and how sensitised the audience is towards artistic products. Since the project will be implemented in nine different countries (Angola, Malawi, Namibia, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Lesotho, Eswatini, Mozambique, and Botswana), data for the different countries will have to be collected. 

Essential elements of the bid:

- Description of the strategy/concept to conduct the baseline, including the scope of the proposed research, underlying methodology and specific methods that will be applied. 
- Indicative timetable outlining the aspired date of delivery and work effort; while the submission of the final results preferably happens as soon as possible, it should not be later than June 18, 2021. 

The baseline evaluation must include:

  • Preparatory (virtual) meeting with the Goethe-Institut for an introduction to the project’s approach. 
  • One (virtual) kick-off session – facilitated by the consultant - with all stakeholders 
  • Presentation of (preliminary) results in a closing (digital) workshop prior to the submission of the written report.
  • Final results to be submitted in a written report covering all countries in which the project will be implemented incl. an adopted logframe.
  • If applicable, the final report shall include recommendations on focus sectors, possible interventions and country-specific challenges to be considered during the implementation of the project.

Qualifications of the personnel

  • Clear indication of qualifications of all personnel involved (e.g. by providing respective CVs); preferably, personnel is qualified in qualitative and quantitative data collections and has a decent understanding of the cultural and creative scene in Southern Africa. 
  • Past experience working in/with the different focus of countries of the project is preferable.
  • Overview over past experience of the consultant, firm, or covering at least the last three years (maximum the last six years). 
  • Indication of language abilities – especially with regards to Portuguese; any personnel involved in this baseline data collection must be able to communicate fluently in English. 

Budget Plan and other aspects

  • Prices must include any taxes and other components (e.g. internet access, working materials, etc.); the Goethe-Institut will only pay the total price as indicated by the offer. 
  • Travel expenses need to be covered by the consultant but can be listed as separate items in the offer. Due to the current COVID-19 situation, travel is generally discouraged; any suggested travel will need to be duly justified in the offer.
  • Neither the Music In Africa Foundation nor the Goethe-Institut will provide a workspace.

General provisions

  • Rights of usage: The Goethe-Institut and Music In Africa Foundation shall be granted an exclusive right to use the products of the contract for all known and unknown types of use, which is unlimited in terms of time, space and content. This right of use also extends to the right to utilise individual parts or the entire product in connection with other works not originating from the contractual partner.
  • Criteria for selection: A committee compiled by the Goethe-Institut and the Music In Africa Foundation will evaluate the different bids submitted. Submissions after the deadline will not be considered. The Goethe-Institut reserves the right to ask for additional documentation after submission. The evaluation consists of three parts: Price (30%), quality of proposed project team (20%), and quality of the offer (50%). The offer with the highest number of cumulative points across all three sections will be awarded. We would especially like to encourage applicants from the following countries to apply for this baseline evaluation: Angola, Malawi, Namibia, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Lesotho, Eswatini, Mozambique, and Botswana.
  • Relevant project documents: Upon conclusion of the contract including necessary confidentiality provisions, relevant project documents will be made available to the successful bidder. The logframe can be requested by potential bidders before the submission of an offer.

Submission Deadline:

Offers need to be submitted electronically (preferably in one PDF) to Dr. Johannes Backhaus ( and Dr. Nadine Siegert ( with the subject line “Baseline data ACP-EU” no later than May 16, 2021 – 23.59h CAT. Late submissions will not be considered.

Contact for further inquiries

Dr. Johannes Backhaus, Senior Expert Cooperation and Third Party Funding,
Dr. Nadine Siegert, Head of Culture and Development,