Diskussion Salve Slave - Finally Europe is Burning Again

400_Slave Slave - Halbe Hunde in Griechenland Slave Slave - Halbe hunde in Griechenland © Volker Marz

Do, 17.03.2016

Appolonia Theater

Appolonia Theatre, Second Floor
Wits School of Arts
1 Jan Smuts Avenue

Artist Volker März discusses his work, which is presented as part of the exhibition When Tomorrow Comes at the Wits Art Museum.

The artist states: "The disappearance of 'man' at the end of time will not be a catastrophe. Man will become part of nature again. His actions will however disappear: wars, revolutions and the bitch called high-culture, a culture that did not give rise to anything but an increasing distance from the natural. Thanks to apartheid, cars, iPhones, fragmentation bombs and god.

At the end of time man should wash his brain by himself daily and keep the ability to play, make art, love etc. … all of the things that makes man ‘beastly happy’.... without any kind of religion."

Volker März's work will appear as part of the exhibition programme When Tomorrow Comes which is open to the public on 15.3.2016 and runs until 29.05.2016.