Ausstellung Opening: Trees, Vines, Palms And Other Architectural Monuments

Trees, Vines, Palms And Other Architectural Moments Foto: Paulo Tavares

Mi, 28.08.2019

Trees, Vines, Palms and Other Architectural Monuments by Brasilia based architect and urbanist, Paulo Tavares, is the third exhibition in the four part series of Izwe: Plant Praxis. The broader Izwe series engages concepts of socio-political relationships to plant life and to land dispossession in various sites across the majority world/‘Global South’.

In collaboration with the Bö’u Xavante Association of Marãiwatsédé, Paulo Tavares with the agency Autonoma, conducted research to map and survey the sites of ancient Xavante villages and cemeteries in order to provide evidence to their ancestral possession of this territory. All these sites display a remarkable, similar feature in that a patch of vegetation had grown precisely in the arc-like shape of the ancient village.

The exhibition includes a set of protocols, visual files, mappings, and field notes that identify and characterise these botanic formations as archaeological sites, probing the liminal relation between natural and cultural landscapes as they are defined by categorisations and systems of knowledge that shape colonial-modern collections, archives and museums –– of natural and architectural history alike.

'Trees, Vines, Palms and Other Architectural Monuments' is the third iteration of the IZWE: plant praxis exhibition series at Goethe-Institut Gallery, curated by MADEYOULOOK. The exhibition programme includes a series of reading groups open to the public.