Theater Plastika and Transform at Cradle of Creativity

Plastika Foto © Mark Wessels

Fr, 23.08.2019 -
Sa, 24.08.2019

Magnet Theatre

Old Match Factory
Lower Main Rd
Cape Town

Childrens' Theatre

The Goethe-Institut South Africa is happy to support the showing of two shows at the Cradle of Creativity, the International Festival & Conference of Theatre for Young Audiences. These two shows - PLASTIKA and TRANSFORM - have been developed last year during the Early Years Theatre incubation programme in 2018, supported by the Goethe-Institut and will now be shown again in South Africa.

PLASTIKA is a performance of three friends who discover a plastic bottle and through rustling bags and empty bottles their curiosity leads them into a world of versatility of plastic materials. In song, dance and movement they discover a sea of plastic and a land of plastic. This beautiful production lets the children see plastic in an engaging way. It is a 25 minute long performance with interaction with the young audience and the performers.It is our desire to see PLASTIKA performed to more children in and out of Africa.

Transform is a silent theatrical piece that embraces the beauty and essence of nature and explores the visual, sculptural and narrative possibilities of clay in a performance that involves mime, song and rhythmic play.

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