What we offer


The library is open to the public and use of books and media in the library is free of charge.


The eLibrary is a digital service offered by the Goethe-Institut Johannesburg library for South Africa which allows you to borrow digital media.

Translation funding

Our translation funding programme supports the publication of books by German authors in another language.

Service for librarians

Events, specialist information and cooperation services for librarians.


Wiki Loves Women © Wiki Loves Women

Wiki Loves Women

There are countless influential women who have shaped Africa’s countries and societies. But few African women enjoy exposure on internationally relevant online databases such as Wikipedia. WikiAfrica and the Goethe-Institut intend on tackling this issue with the Wiki Loves Women project.

Literary Crossroads Literary Crossroads

Literary Crossroads

Literary Crossroads is a new series of talks where South African writers meet colleagues from all over the continent and from the African diaspora to discuss trends, topics and themes prevalent in their literatures today.

Word of Mouth © Word of Mouth

Word of Mouth

Explore the various aspects of orality: orally transferred knowledge, Oral History, storytelling, oral literatures, Spoken Word.

The Spoken Word Project © Goethe-Institut

The Spoken Word Project

Stories are created by being told. In telling narratives, stories are invented, passed on, changed and adapted. They wander through the world, are passed from person to person and easily transcend boundaries.