On the border: Berlin, 10 November 1989, Brandenburg Gate Photo (detail): Jürgen Lottenburger © wir-waren-so-frei.de

30 year anniversary: The Fall of the Berlin Wall

On November 9th 1989, as a culmination of the peaceful revolution against the regime of the GDR, the Berlin Wall fell, starting the process of reunification.

Born after ’89 | fltr: Hannah Stegmeier, Bonn; Riccardo Pilat, Triest; Agata Otranto, Bari; Philipp Werner, Dresden. © Goethe-Institut Italy / Collage / Photos: Ignacio María Coccia

Born after ’89

Since the fall of the Berlin Wall, Europe has fundamentally changed: the EU has grown, there is freedom of movement and a common currency. But how do people born after 1989 experience it? Journalist Matteo Tacconi and photographer Ignacio María Coccia explored this question in Dresden, Bonn, Trieste and Bari.