Response-Ability at the Johannesburg Greenhouse Project

Johannesburg Greenhouse Project © Johannesburg Greenhouse Project

​The Response-Ability project at the Greenhouse in Joubert Park is seeking to commission artists to produce artistic and/or design responses that relate to and reimagine aspects of the historic site itself, as well as its context within the inner city and the diverse range of plant and food practices within its communities. Projects can also engage directly with practical methods of gardening.  Projects should be grounded in social and ecological ethical practice. 

We encourage (but do not limit) applications relating to the following themes:

  • Seedbank designs and ways of preserving living archives
  • Collaborations with plants
  • Diverse food cultures in Johannesburg 
  • Plant-based recipes, foraged foods and community cooking
  • Food processing and preservation 
  • Harvesting and disseminating knowledge about plants with healing properties
  • Water catchment, storage and irrigation systems
  • Micro Greenhouses and systems
  • Bee-keeping
  • Energy and waste (there is a recycling facility on the site) 
  • Transport and food networks
  • Urban gardening and food sovereignty 

Projects will be produced in conversation with the Response-Ability team. Each artist/group will receive a fee of R5,000 and Response-Ability will also pay for production within an agreed upon scope.

Applications must include:

  • A project description (not more than 500 words)
  • 2-pg CV of the artist/s who will develop the work.
  • A draft budget 

There will be an opportunity to visit the site for a briefing on: 24 September 2020 at 11am. Come to the GHP at the corner of King George and Wolmarans Street. Parking available inside the Greenhouse Project (inside wrought iron gates).  

Due date for submissions : 30th September 2020
For more information and to submit, contact: 


About Us:

Response-Ability is a collaboration between the Greenhouse Project (GHP) in Joubert Park and a team made up of Linzi Lewis, Ruth Sacks and Tara Weber. The GHP is a community garden in the dense Johannesburg inner city, on the site of a former colonial hothouse in Joubert Park. Our project aims to start a conversation concerning the ability of surrounding communities to respond to ecological crises. Through a living platform, we hope to explore broad ideas of affirming and remembering indigenous and historical knowledge as well as the diverse plant-related knowledge systems in the inner city and its outskirts. Response-Ability tests ways to respond through ethical and responsible socio-ecological engagements and interactions. The goal is to enhance the GHP as a living archive and establish it as a site of engaged creative practice. 

Response-Ability is generously funded by the Prince Claus Foundation and the Goethe-Institut.