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Lapa Pan-African Artist Residency© Lapa Pan-African Artist Residency

LAPA Project and Residency Space 2023

Lapa is most commonly known as an architectural structure in Southern Africa. The many-meaning word translates to a home, a space to gather and restore. Conceptualised and presented by the Goethe-Institut Johannesburg, LAPA is a communal, experimental public project with a co-working office, reading room and residency. 

LAPA hosts the Goethe-Institut team, the Pan-African artistic residency, as well as organisations and publics as parallel and connected programmes for the intersections of artists, communities and cultural organisations, to develop sustainable exchange. This new space and residency is conceptualised to address the need for communal space and art infrastructure within Johannesburg which promotes regional exchange in Africa and its diaspora. Housed in the Breezeblock building in the suburb of Brixton, LAPA makes an immediate connection with community and asks what kind of potential could we encourage when we are housed together. 

Enacting the term LAPA, the residency becomes a space of communing, and ‘homing’ through artistic practice which can encourage restorative sensibilities. 

For more information and questions please contact:
Tammy Langtry

Cultural Programmes : Lapa
Tel.: +27 11 442 3232
Email: tammy.langtry.extern@goethe.de


As a collaborative space, LAPA facilitates residencies as a form of artistic research. It invites and develops modes of research and collaboration with artists working in the continent and diaspora. Learn more about the artists in residence research projects below:

Portable Paradise

Working in collaboration as an artistic duo, Wyssolela Moreira and Anita Sambanje, used their time at LAPA to explore the notion of rituals of passage.

Having noticed that these rituals follow patterns, this led them to thinking about life cycles and transitions, and the role of the Dikenga Cosmogram to map the journey of an individual's life. Their research at LAPA is based on traditional and contemporary rituals of passage and healing within Africa and its diaspora, with focus on spiritual systems from the ancient region of  the Bakongo. 

Portable Paradise

Anita Sambanje .

Anita Sambanje

Anita Sambanje was born in Germany in 1999. After spending the first 2 years of her life there, she moved to Zimbabwe and in 2006 she moved to Luanda, Angola. Her artistic practice consists of exploration, the interaction and integration of the body with nature, the search for identity and place in the world, the interpretation and processing of feelings, and internal conflicts.

Wyssolela Moreira .

Wyssolela Moreira

Wyssolela Moreira, born in Luanda, lives and works between Toronto, Canada and Luanda, Angola as a multidisciplinary artist, art director, and wellness therapist. Her artistic and experimental practice uses digital collage, writing, photography, installation, video art, and performance to explore the complexities of a Self influenced by neo- colonial normativity. 

In The Midst

Our residency envisioned how the flat reed box, a common percussive instrument in Uganda, works. Seeds encased in reeds and bark cloth, rattle against each other in echoic memory.

In the Midst is a study of living, artistic duo Liz Kobusinge and Darlyne Komukama ask: How are we verbalising the things that are most crucial to us? What sound will these things make when they bump into each other? Or when we pursue release/peace/ease/joy/always reaching, always stretching? What shape is this sound taking in our bodies? How do these shapes we throw, layer onto our collective histories? What are our bodies aching to remember? What does it look like for us to place pieces of the survival we carry within us in new places, alongside other paradises? We find out, together.

In The Midst

Lapa Residency - In The Midst artist Liz Kobusinge © Liz Kobusinge

Liz Kobusinge

Kobusinge is a self-taught artist based in Kampala, Uganda, whose work and practice grew as a way to cope with declining mental health. She engages with art to cope, making work that is situated within the earnest expression of states of mind, mining her experiences with anxiety and depression to inform multidisciplinary work that explores mental health as illustrated by the interior worlds of primarily Black women.

Lapa Artist Residency - In the Midst © Darlyne

Darlyne Komukama

Darlyne is a Ugandan self-taught photographer and multi-media artist who works mostly collaboratively to investigate and edify the things she cares about; femininity, blackness and connectedness. Her feminist ideals are vital to her projects and she will be found working with other women to make some cool shit for even more women to enjoy. Her photographs are full of regal, statuesque Black women, colour and a call back to the natural world.

2+2=5 AKA Brixton No Jazz Society

IIII aka 2+2=5 or, the Brixton No Jazz Society is a research project to mirror the journey of my ancestors to address ideas around refuge and migration, home, and collaboration. 

What I have done with the tools of music, graffiti and urban practice, tools that may be read as ‘not originating on the continent’, is to inform them with my own heritage as a black Zimbabwean, and as an African. One of my long-term projects links my passion for modern anti-establishment expressions such as hip hop, punk, reggae and jazz to the poetry, healing traditions and travails of my Lemba/ black Jewish ancestry.

2+2=5 AKA Brixton No Jazz Society

Tinofireyi Zhou Image Courtesy Thabo Mthombeni © Thabo Mthombeni

Tinofireyi Zhou

Tinofireyi Zhou uses the Spoken and written Word, Street Art and Sound-based Intervention to engage and interrogate the world. Exploring themes based around the political and with a keen interest on the personal, he occupies creative landscapes and broadcasts the layers of beauty that are concealed beneath the concrete cover of a world in flux.  

Our' Bodies are Clocks Made of Water When Do 'We' Belong?

OUR BODIES ARE CLOCKS MADE OF WATER is an open window into the residency process by artist blk banaana (Duduetsang Lamola).

She asks how collage might perform as a method for visualising the re-construction of the ‘fragmented self’, and by extension, the histories and trajectories produced by this state. She reconsiders the ways in which ‘We’ might approach identity construction as a process of deep imagination and re-coding.


Blk banaana (Duduetsang Lamola) © Duduetsang Lamola

Blk banaana (Duduetsang Lamola)

blk banaana (Duduetsang Lamola) is a South African visual artist based in Cape Town. She works primarily in handmade and digital collage, video art and video installation. Her work explores the relationship between fragmentation and speculative reconstruction, questioning the absurdity in the production of reality by Western anthropologic and algorithmic forces. 





Ko Lapeng

LAPA exists as a project space through conviviality, interjection, development and collaboration. 

We host and share space with organisations, individuals and other professionals with like-minded missions and projects. LAPA functions as a co-working space, reading room and residency. This is adaptable to host forms of conversational programming, workshops and presentations.  Ko Lapeng Bildergallerie © Jody Windvogel Ko Lapeng Image Gallery

Lapa Food

Food is a system of thinking, of sensing and a process at work in the world. 

LAPA makes space for projects on plate experiments. Here we think about ingredients, food systems and the senses of home.  

This is led by food researcher Langelihle Mthembu. Lapa Food Image Gallery © Thabo Mthombeni Lapa Food Image Gallery


Working in tandem with the artist's collaborations and research, we host a reading room for a deeper study of the wider practices of artistic and cultural practices.

The Reading Room is developed through artist's research focus, fictional and non-fictional books as well as critical and historical publications on practices of culture, art, design, architecture and more. 
Lapa Lesesaal © Jody Windvogel Lapa Reading Room Image Gallery

For more information and questions please contact:
Tammy Langtry

Cultural Programmes : Lapa
Tel.: +27 11 442 3232
Email: tammy.langtry.extern@goethe.de