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Hub@Goethe Shirin Motala © Goethe-Institut


HUB@GOETHE is a mentorship programme for cultural and social entrepreneurs who have great ideas with a lot of potential, but are lacking the hands-on entrepreneurial skills to get their businesses off the ground.The programme will run from May to October 2022.


HUB@GOETHE is a six month cultural entrepreneurship programme focusing on business and personal development. The programme follows the Design-thinking process which takes the entrepreneurs on a journey through envisioning, empathising, modelling, prototyping, validating and pivoting.


The programme consists of different formats ranging from peer-to-peer learning to one-on-one sessions. The Learning Workshop opens each new month and introduces the content that will be explored. The Masterclass gives the entrepreneurs the opportunity to share best practice facilitated by experienced practitioners in their respective industry. Business Helpdesk provides technical and practical knowledge on how to run a sustainable business. Feedback Friday creates a space for constructive feedback and evaluation of the month. The Business Boost Camp is an intensive intervention that takes the entrepreneurs through the entire Design thinking process in four days.

HUB@Goethe offers a physical physical co-working space situated in our Library, where the Hubbers (our affectionate term for the entrepreneurs) have access to uncapped Internet, printing facilities, as well as tea and coffee available. Hubbers are also encouraged to get a Library membership which would be free of charge and to make use of the Gamebox, which is home to diverse digital and analogue games.



HUB@Goethe will take a hiatus during the year 2023. We plan to use this time to better strategise the future of the programme. Further updates regarding HUB@Goethe Cultural Entrepreneurship Programme will be available in the year 2024. In the meantime, you can keep an eye out for other exciting programming and opportunities Goethe-Institut will have in store this year. Stay tuned!

The 2022 Hubbers

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Imagination Night main © Masimba Sasa

Imagination Night

The Imagination Nights are a series of events by entrepreneurs of HUB@GOETHE. It is their opportunity to introduce their businesses to the public.

Imagination Space © Earl Abrahams

Imagination Space

The purpose of the Imagination Space is to be a platform where previous and current participants of the HUB@GOETHE mentoring programme can workshop their art within it and prototype new ideas. 



Sibongile Msimango © Earl Abrahams Sibongile Msimango
Project Coordinator Library – Gamebox – Hub

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