Ncomi Nzimande - Kriptych Films

Ncomi Nzimande © Ncomi Nzimande

What does the Kriptych Films do?
Kriptych specialises exclusively in the creation of black and White film and audio visual content. We Make-Believe in Monochrome.

What do you hope to achieve through the Hub@Goethe?
Deep and broad knowledge of how to run a creative business. I’d like to see positive all around growth within Kriptych’s structures.

How do you feel about the Hub programme being moved online?
I'm excited, it’s a new adventure. I’ve never learnt in this manner before so it feels like being at the vanguard of a new era of communicating and relating. Although I am eager to physicaly meet all the other collaborators that I’ve been engaging online.

What is your favourite thing to do during lockdown that you didn’t get to do before?
Learn Astrology and read tons of horoscopes.