Nobantu Modise - Afrophilia

What does Afrophilia do?
Pre-COVID: Afrophilia was a digi-mag exploring all there is to love about Africa. From culture to entertainment, style, wellness and environmental sustainability.  
Since COVID: Afrophilia is a media company with Afrophilia Magazine as its prime product. New services have been added to the fold. Namely custom publishing and related services to help more business refine their online presence and offer their clients and prospective clients a captivating experience.

What do you hope to achieve as a result of your participation in the HUB@Goethe?
I hope to use the business development support to build a more solid foundation for Afrophilia and to extend its reach. Being part of a community of other like-minded souls whilst undergoing this only makes the deal even sweeter.  

How do I feel about the Hub program moving online?
Being part of the cohort that is experiencing a special institution evolve and try new things is affirming. As an entrepreneur, agility, constantly learning and trying new things is an inherent part of my life and Goethe is mirroring this reality.  This creates a genuine learning space in that the institution is not dictating or "talking down" to the entrepreneur but is being just as much of an explorer; deciding what it wants to achieve and attempting different avenues to get there. Hopefully, this 4th cohort will contribute some ideas and impressions that will add value for future cohorts to benefit from. Who knows, the HUB@Goethe may end up being part digital and part resident in future.  

What is your favourite thing to during lockdown that you didn't get to do before?
Video conferencing friends who have moved abroad. That is something I definitely didn’t do enough of before!

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