Godisamang Khunou - Mogale Pictures

Godisamang Khunou © Goethe-Institut Johannesburg

Mogale Pictures is a Production company for Documentary and fiction films. It is focused on creating content that represents African Feminism and is also Pan African. Our latest project titled Black Women And Sex is currently in Pre-Production and it’s about black women and the politics of sex, starring three women who identify with sex from different parts of Africa (South Africa, Nigeria and Zambia). This film has won two Development awards at DOK Leipzig in Germany in 2019 and The Most Promising Film Award at the Durban Film Mart in 2019. We want the voices of black women to be heard in this production company, to connect Africa as one and to create and experiment with a new look and feel for African cinema. We want to bring the female gaze into the industry, not only through female stories onscreen, but also behind the camera. With myself as a black woman in Leadership Positions like Producer, and Director, and hiring women as Director of Photographers, and Editors and competing in the international market.